Use Recordkeeping to Enhance your Value to your Employer

Sports field managers keep a mountain of records as part of their day-to-day activities. Do you use them to provide data to your employer? Facts are hard to refute and by communicating these records to your employer, you add credibility to your work. For example, providing a year-by-year snapshot of pesticide application reductions as documented in the Chemical and Fertilizer Application Record positions you as knowledgeable and committed to environmental stewardship. This record can also be helpful if local legislation is on the horizon that could limit future inputs. You have the data to prove responsible applications.

Are you challenged to do more with your staff? Have you calculated your labor cost per hour through the Field Maintenance Costing Spreadsheet? This document conveniently keeps a record of all maintenance activities, the man hours and labor costs involved, and necessary products and their cost. The document is set up to do the calculations for you so you can see what each activity costs and the final total annual maintenance cost. It can even drill down to cost by square foot.

SFMA has nine recordkeeping tools. Check them all out here. Start now to regularly provide impactful statistics to your employer and add to your credibility as a professional.