CSFM Program


Having recognized the importance of fostering and improving professionalism within the sports turf industry, SFMA has developed a certification program for sports turf managers.

Attaining the Certified Sports Field Manager status means you will be looked upon as a leader in the industry. It will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment and it can even improve your current or future employment prospects.

Becoming a CSFM is meant to challenge your knowledge of managing sports fields and to draw upon all aspects of your background in education and experience to prove that you are one of the best in the industry. Meeting the challenge can contribute to your professional advancement in sports field management.

Reporting CEUs/ISPs

Currently online reporting is not available. Please send your reporting sheets in via mail, fax or email.

CEU and ISP forms for CSFMs

CSFM Practice Exam

NEW! CSFM Ret. Application form

The Certification Committee has created a form for any current CSFM who would like to become a CSFM Ret. Please click here for the CSFM Ret. form.

List of Current CSFM

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