2024 Election Info

Introducing the Slate of Candidates for the 2024 SFMA Board of Directors

The SFMA Nominating Committee has finalized its slate of candidates for the 2024 election and presents it here to the membership, as required by the SFMA bylaws. Ballots will be sent electronically to voting members of the association on November 30. The voting window will be open until 5 pm CST on December 15, 2023.

2024 Slate of Candidates



Vice President - Commercial

Past President




Sun Roesslein, CSFM

Jeffco Schools, Golden, CO

Sun Roesslein, CSFM, has been Sports Stadium Manager at the North Area Athletic Complex for over 18 years. She is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the football stadium and the soccer stadium which make up the NAAC. The natural grass complex is the home field for 6 of the high schools in the Jefferson County School District. Sun got her start in the turfgrass management industry working on the grounds crew for the Lexington Legends Minor League baseball team in 2001. After moving to Denver, she worked briefly for the City of Thornton before taking her current position with Jeffco Schools Athletics. In 2014, the NAAC soccer field was awarded SFMA’s Soccer Field of the Year for the Schools and Parks category. The following year, the NAAC football field was selected as SFMA’s 2015 Football Field of the Year in the same category.

Sun received her B.S. in 2000 and M.S. in 2002 from Eastern Kentucky University in Sports Administration. It was during her final semester that she discovered the turfgrass profession and decided to make a career path change. She became a member of SFMA in 2002. She is a Past President of the Rocky Mountain Regional Turfgrass Association, served on the CSTMA Board of Directors, and has served on SFMA’s Ethics committee, Website/ Technology committee, Membership committee and is currently Chair of the Conference committee. Sun has also served the SFMA Board as the Director representing the K-12 segment as well as the Route to Recovery task group. In July of 2016, Sun earned her CSFM designation.


The STMA membership is a group of passionate, talented, driven and dedicated people who make this industry a great one! I believe the association plays a crucial role in supporting the success of sports turf managers through education, networking, certifications, and awareness. 2020 certainly presented challenges, but SFMA stepped up to provide educational resources and support to our members and non-members alike. I envision SFMA and our membership to continue being the leaders in sports field management around the world. It is imperative that SFMA continue to educate decision makers on the importance of having qualified sports turf managers keeping those surfaces safe.

Many of us have responsibilities beyond maintaining our playing surfaces and SFMA’s collaboration with other groups in related industries is certainly an area for growth. Whether it is administrative, facility management, or event management, I envision our association building stronger partnerships with organizations in those areas to support our membership in their expansion of duties. These collaborations will also increase SFMA member’s visibility and credibility among those who do not necessarily understand what all goes into sports turf management.

Building our membership base will make SFMA stronger. This means continuing to better support our chapter network but also appealing to potential members who don’t know about sports field management as a career. I’ve been fortunate to have several incredible opportunities to be part of the team working the Little League Softball World Series and two US Women’s Opens, I hope to use those platforms to set an example for young women and increase visibility for our profession in general.

SFMA has enhanced my career tremendously, and I am honored to continue helping the association support the successes of members at every level.

President Elect

Adam Thoms, Ph.D.

Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Adam Thoms, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Commercial Turfgrass and Extension Specialist in the Department of Horticulture at Iowa State University, where he started in 2016. He oversees the sports turfgrass research at Iowa State, and is the Turfgrass Extension Specialist for Iowa. In addition to research and Extension activities, Adam teaches two classes (Turfgrass Irrigation and Sports Turf Management), as well as serving as an advisor to the Iowa State Turf Club. He also is the advisor for many of the students in the turfgrass program. Adam is in charge of planning education for the Iowa State Turfgrass Field Day, and helps with planning education for the Iowa Turfgrass Conference. Before coming to Iowa State University, Adam was the Research Leader for the Center for Athletic Field Safety. Adam has been active in the SFMA since 2005, and took part in the very first SFMA Student Challenge. He has served as the Technical Editor for (i)SportsField Management(/i) Magazine, and is on the Editorial Committee. He has served on several committees over the years. Adam is active in the Iowa SFMA Chapter, serving on the Board of Directors as an Educational Advisor. Outside of work he enjoys time with him family, wife (Rachel) and two children (George and Greta).

Vision for SFMA

I want to see SFMA be the leader in education and information on playing surfaces. The academic representative plays a critical role in this, and I feel I can add to this. I also feel the SFMA must find some novel recruiting techniques to help with the shortage of labor for the industry. The SFMA should be a source that the media reaches out to when an event happens, and questions arise. I feel through education, publicity, and recruiting the SFMA can benefit athletic field managers now and into the future.

Vice President – Commercial
Erin Wilder

Sod Solutions Professionals, Tallahassee, FL

Erin Wilder is currently the Executive Director of Sod Solutions Professionals which she takes great pride in as the active member of an eighth-generation farming family in North Florida. After graduating from Florida State University, Erin returned to the family business, Boyd Sod Farm, to begin her turfgrass career as a Sales Representative and later as Sod Production Manager. She has worked in the turfgrass industry for 20 years traveling the world visiting sod farms, university and research facilities, and various natural grass and artificial turf venues. Additionally, Erin regularly speaks to organizations & associations providing educational seminars and working directly with turf professionals to educate on the benefits, proper selections, and maintenance of grass. Erin has worked for Sod Solutions for the past 17 years and leads their Sod Professionals Business Unit (Sod Pro.) Sod Solutions is a turfgrass research, development, and marketing company with over 250 licensed producers’ worldwide. Sod Pro is focused on building a greener future by assisting clients through the entire process to provide a beautiful, streamlined, and successful project.

Erin is actively involved in many organizations. She currently serves on multiple committees with Turfgrass Producers International and is a past president of the Florida Turfgrass Association, past committee member for SFMA, past director for the Turf Producers of Florida, board member of Tallahassee Builders Association, and an alternate for the Florida Home Builders Association. She also served on the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services License & Bond Committee and the Florida Sod Best Management Practices Steering Committee. Erin is a Class VII graduate of the Wedgworth Leadership Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources. Erin resides in Tallahassee, FL with her husband and two young boys.


SFMA is comprised of the best field managers and individuals in the world. My entire career has been spent in the turfgrass industry. My vision is to ensure we continue to attract our future field managers on the advantages of our industry, as well as build public awareness and improve perception of what our members provide to not only their athletes, but to the environment and public health. I have lobbied the United States Congress on the farm bill since 2000 and have longstanding ties to advocacy and policy involvement, which drives my passion for advocacy for not only the sports industry but the environmental and health benefits our industry provides to the world.

In a time of more stringent regulations, we need to share the benefits of what our members and fields provide to improve the health of our athletes’ and environment. Having a relatable and cohesive message will enable us to expand our influence within the industry and with decision makers in our communities and states.


Jeremy Driscoll, CSFM, ISA-CA

St. Marks High School, Wilmington, DE

Jeremy Driscoll, CSFM is the Grounds Supervisor at St. Mark’s High School in Wilmington, DE from which he is an alumnus (class of ‘95). He has been overseeing all of the campus and athletic fields encompassing approximately 50 total acres since 2006. Always educating himself and finding new things to study, he began his higher education at Paul Smith’s College in Paul Smith’s, NY. He studied Urban Tree Management and earned his A.A.S in 1997. Jeremy furthered his education at the University of Delaware, receiving in 2000 his B.S in General Agriculture.

Jeremy has been an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist since 2002. He has a Class B CDL license which he acquired while working for the city of Beaver Creek, CO. He is a licensed pesticide applicator in NY and DE. Mauget Certified and a DE Certified Nutrient Handler. Jeremy has most recently acquired his CSFM designation in 2021. Jeremy has been a member of ISA for over 20 years. He became a member of SFMA immediately in 2006, when he took his current position. He has served as K-12 Director for consecutive terms on the SFMA Board. He is currently serving as a co-chair of the Awards committee. He has past chaired or been a committee member of the Advocacy committee, BMP committee. editorial committee, as well as the International and Environmental committees. He is a co-founder of MASFMA (Mid-Atlantic) Chapter, where he is the first full termed past president.

Jeremy is a third-degree black belt and instructor in the martial art of taekwondo. He finds that the principles bestowed on him from practicing the art of focus, goal setting, respect, motivation, and honor transfer into everyday life. A mantra is to never give up, and ALWAYS finish what you start!

Jeremy resides in Wilmington, DE with his wife Susan and son Eughan (Owen).


My vision for SFMA is to see the organization grow stronger. I would like individuals not in our profession to know about the sports field managers who take care of their kids’ sports facilities, school grounds, and professional stadiums. I would like for these individuals to see that we are professionals. We have degrees and certifications which aid in educated decision making and proper care of facilities around the world.

I would like to see the organization build stronger bonds with legislators to educate and keep our products labeled for use on sports fields (pesticides, fertilizer etc.) and not allow governing bodies to continue to take away valuable products that help us professionals complete our jobs. I would like to see the organization be able to give back to more communities and help a greater number of under privileged areas build or rejuvenate sport fields to get kids outside for exercise and to provide safer fields and areas to participate in multiple sports and activities.

There is so much room for expansion, and opportunities to grow this association that it would be incredible to reach a new high percentage in each classification of membership and furthermore get more current members simply more involved.


Alpha Jones, CSFM

Fayetteville Woodpeckers, Fayetteville, NC

Alpha Jones, CSFM is the Director of Field Operations for the Fayetteville Woodpeckers, the Low – A affiliate of the Houston Astros. He has worked in the Turfgrass Industry for the past 20 years and 12 years before that in the landscape industry.

Alpha currently oversees all field related operations and maintenance at Segra Stadium. His sports field management experience is very diverse. Fayetteville is his second time in the minor leagues, after several years with the Durham Bulls. Additionally, he was crew leader at WakeMed Soccer Park, Assistant Athletic Director of Athletic Facilities for Longwood University overseeing all outdoor athletic facilities and at the high school sports level with Durham Academy. He has volunteered his time to help renovate, maintain, or consult on several local athletic fields.

A long-standing member of the Sports Turf Managers Association, the North Carolina and Virginia SFMA chapters, Alpha has served on the VSFMA Board of Directors, Conference Education and Tours Committee, Environmental Facility Certification Committee and currently serves as chairperson of the Learning Initiatives Committee.

Alpha earned his degree in Political Science, graduating Summa cum Laude in 2005 from North Carolina Central University. He achieved Certified Sports Field Manager status in 2020.


I maintain my vision for the SFMA, which is to see the standards of professionalism, public awareness, and industry leadership, established by the great leaders who came before us, continue to grow successfully, increase the size of our membership, and become the recognized true standard and authority in the sports field management industry.

I believe we must play a vital role in creating a new and diverse interest in our Association and industry. As our society and education systems continue to adapt to the impacts of COVID-19, The SFMA is poised to be a key ingredient in establishing new and solid pathways for future sports field managers to follow within the education systems. Our recently adopted strategic plan has established a guide to follow and is the core of coming soon recruiting tools and programs. These programs will attract and support the membership of “technology dependent” generations, those considering other careers, and former athletes that want better, safer, and aesthetically pleasing athletic facilities for their communities and schools. Continuing to focus our outreach and connection with the next generations will help solidify the vitality of our industry and the longevity of our Association.

Director Academic

Jason Kruse, Ph.D.

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Jason Kruse, Ph.D., holds the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Horticulture at the University of Florida, where he is dedicated to the field of turfgrass science. As an undergraduate advisor for the department, Dr. Kruse plays a pivotal role in shaping the academic journey of students. His teaching portfolio encompasses courses in Turfgrass Culture and Golf and Sports Turf Management, imparting knowledge and expertise in these specialized areas. In his capacity as a turfgrass specialist, Dr. Kruse oversees the management of the University of Florida’s cutting-edge turfgrass Envirotron teaching and research facility. This facility serves as a hub for academic exploration and research in the realm of turfgrass science. Dr. Kruse’s commitment extends to outreach programs, where he shares his extensive knowledge with the broader community, and he’s instrumental in organizing informative turfgrass educational field days. Dr. Kruse’s research program is distinguished by its focus on athletic field systems. He delves into the intricate management of these vital sporting landscapes, ensuring they meet the highest standards for playability and aesthetics. Moreover, his research delves into how nutrient and water management strategies impact the health of turfgrass systems and their environmental footprint. His work is a testament to his dedication to advancing the field of turfgrass science. Jason has been an active member of SFMA for the past 15 years, serving on the SFMA Board of Directors as well as numerous committees (Environmental, Conference Education and Membership).


My vision for the Sports Field Managers Association (SFMA) revolves around four key themes: growing membership, increasing reach, enhancing impact, and responsible resource allocation. Firstly, I would like to expand SFMA’s membership base. By actively engaging with sports field managers across various platforms, providing valuable resources, and organizing networking events, you envision a significant growth in membership. This not only strengthens the association but also fosters a sense of community among field managers. Secondly, I am dedicated to increasing SFMA’s reach. This involves developing and expanding a strong online presence through social media, a user-friendly website, and digital marketing. By doing so, I hope to attract professionals from a wider geographic area and diverse backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and diversity within the association. Thirdly, my vision centers on enhancing SFMA’s impact. We can achieve this by offering more educational programs, certifications, and industry partnerships. The association should become a go-to resource for sports field managers seeking knowledge, best practices, and innovative solutions. This not only elevates the profession but also ensures safer, more sustainable, and high-performing sports fields. Lastly, it is important that we emphasize responsible resource allocation. The SFMA should regularly evaluate the effectiveness of SFMA’s initiatives and expenditures. This includes measuring membership engagement, tracking the success of outreach campaigns, and assessing the value of educational programs. This data-driven approach ensures that SFMA’s resources are used efficiently, maximizing the benefits for members. In summary, my vision for the Sports Field Managers Association is to foster growth in membership, expand reach, enhance impact, and ensure responsible resource allocation. By pursuing these objectives, you aim to create a thriving and inclusive community of sports field managers, making a lasting and positive impact on the industry.

Director Academic

Chase Straw, Ph.D.

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

A member of SFMA since 2007, Chase originates from Frankfort, Kentucky. He earned his B.S. degree in Plant and Soil Sciences (Turfgrass emphasis) from the University of Kentucky (UK) in 2010, gaining valuable experience managing sports fields with UK Sports Turf, as well as the Boston Red Sox and Cincinnati Bengals during his undergraduate years.

He completed his M.S. (2014) and Ph.D. (2017) at the University of Georgia, focusing on sports field management and athlete-surface interactions. Following graduation, Chase was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Minnesota until 2020. He then assumed his current role as Assistant Professor of Turfgrass Management and Physiology at Texas A&M University.

Chase’s passion lies in teaching and advising Turfgrass Science students, many of whom pursue sports field management. Alongside this, he dedicates a significant portion of his time to research, developing technology-driven strategies for sports field management and fostering interdisciplinary research teams focused on athlete-surface interactions.

His research is published in top academic journals and is widely used by sports facilities, ranging from parks and recreation to professional organizations. Currently holding leadership roles within SFMA, Chase serves on the Editorial Committee, where he is the Technical Editor for Sports Field Management Magazine. He also chairs the Education Committee and is the Academic Director on the Board of Directors.

Chase lives in College Station, TX, with his wife and elementary school sweetheart, Elizabeth, and their three boys, Ryan, Samuel, and Charlie.


My vision for SFMA is to elevate it to new heights of excellence, sustainability, and recognition, with a focus on continuous learning, innovation, and collaboration in sports field management. This vision includes providing resources and support for top-quality playing surfaces, increasing awareness of the significance of sports field management, and celebrating the contributions of sports field professionals to society and the environment. The commitment extends to staying at the forefront of industry innovation, empowering managers with cutting-edge tools, promoting sustainability, and engaging the next generation through mentorship programs and educational initiatives. Collaboration with various stakeholders and comprehensive education and advocacy efforts are essential components to ensure SFMA remains a trusted resource for the sports field management community. These efforts will be achieved through active engagement and collaboration among SFMA members.

Higher Education Director

Casey Carrick, CSFM

The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Casey Carrick, CSFM is the Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Turf Management at the University of North Carolina. Casey has worked in collegiate athletics for almost 20 years, and he is responsible for overseeing 25 acres of athletic playing surfaces at UNC. He got his start in the sports field management industry in 2004 as a sophomore at NC State working with the grounds crew. After graduating in 2006 with a B.S. in Turfgrass Science, he worked full-time with the NC State grounds crew before taking the Associate Sports Turf Manager’s position at UNC in 2010. He was promoted to The Director of Athletic Grounds in 2015, and again to his current position in 2023.

Casey became a member of SFMA in 2013 and in 2014 earned his CSFM designation. During his time at The University of North Carolina, Kenan Stadium was awarded College Football Field of the year in 2018, and Dorrance field was awarded College Sporting Ground of the year in 2021. Casey currently serves on the S.A.F.E board of directors, the Southeast Sports Field Management Conference Committee, and is a Past-President for the North Carolina SFMA.

Vision for SFMA

My vision is for SFMA to be a resource for sports field managers at all levels and to help promote safe athletic playing surfaces for kids of all ages. SFMA has connected me with a multitude of great professionals in our industry and helped me grow throughout my career, and I want every sports field manager to have the same positive experience I’ve had.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve witnessed many changes in our industry – some positive, some negative. While I feel highly confident that we are currently headed in the right direction, I also feel strongly that improvements must still be made regarding salaries, work-life balance, and labor shortage issues. I would love to increase the focus on getting more young people into the industry at an earlier age through our outreach and high school/college curriculums. I am also passionate about shifting back to natural grass. As sports field managers, I believe we have not only the opportunity, but also an obligation, to use our platform with SFMA and SAFE to speak on and promote field safety.

Elected Director at Large

Jason DeMink, CSFM

University of Michigan Athletics, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jason DeMink, CSFM has been the Sports Turf Specialist for the University of Michigan Athletic Department for the past 16 years. He oversees the field maintenance of the baseball and softball complexes, as well as the practice football facilities. Jason and his team manage game day operations as well as the numerous practices and facility rentals. He has been involved with several field renovations of both natural and synthetic surfaces. Jason provides consultation services to local area high schools and colleges.

Prior to his career at the University of Michigan, Jason was the Assistant Groundskeeper for the Boston Red Sox. Jason is a graduate of the Sports and Commercial Turfgrass Program at Michigan State University and received his CSFM in 2013. Jason joined the SFMA in 2005 and has served on several committees. He is also active in the Michigan chapter and has been on the board of the MiSFMA since 2017.

Jason served his country in the US Navy and is a proud veteran. He is involved in volunteer activities including Folds of Honor golf outing, coaching youth baseball, and other community organizations. When not ensuring safe playing surfaces for University of Michigan athletes, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.


My vision for the SFMA is for it to continue to be recognized as a leader in the turfgrass industry. I would like to see more community outreach to prospective turfgrass students to promote the profession and help mentor them through their career path. This can be done by improved internships, one-on-one mentoring, and apprenticeships. Another important issue that the SFMA can help with is to increase the average pay for groundskeepers nationwide. Their knowledge, skill, and professionalism deserves compensation more comparable to golf course superintendents. This would help prevent sports field managers from leaving the profession to seek out a livable wage. I am excited for this opportunity to be considered for the SFMA Board. I feel that I have a lot of ideas to contribute and that my knowledge, background, and network can help us achieve our goals together.

Elected Director At Large

Kyle Patterson

City of Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic, and Cultural Affairs, Roswell, GA

Kyle Patterson is currently the Park Services Manager for the City of Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic, and Cultural Affairs department. After starting with the City as their Turf Supervisor in late 2020, he now oversees all operations for the City’s 1,100 acres of park land, 32 miles of trails, and 300,000 square feet of indoor facility space. Kyle got his start in Turfgrass management after initially pursuing broadcast journalism at Penn State. After the first day of his first ‘real’ journalism class, Kyle made the jump into turf and never looked back. Since then, he has spent time with the Washington Nationals, Greene Township (PA) Board of Supervisors, Towson University, and Georgia Tech.

Kyle is most passionate about his work with the Georgia Sports Field Management Association. He has served as the Parks and Recreation representative on the board for the last two years; through a combination of diverse field days, social events, and speaking engagements, he has helped revamp a chapter that had dwindled to 10 dues paying in January 2022, to now having over 315 members and growing. On the national level, Kyle is a member of the SFMA Chapter Relations Committee.

When not at work, Kyle enjoys playing golf, pickleball, and coaching his kids’ sports teams.

Vision for SFMA

My vision for SFMA is an organization that reaches far beyond its traditional roots of high-end sports field managers and vendors. If this industry is going to not just survive, but thrive, we need to find a way to reach out to and find the next generation of potential sports field managers. As someone who grew up playing sports, but not being good enough to pursue a career in baseball or football or golf, I knew I wanted to stay involved in the game somehow. I see creating a program similar to GCSAA’s First Green as a worthwhile investment for SFMA. Finding a way to get school-age kids interested in our field and showing them there is a way to make a career combining STEM and sports could be a game changer for the industry. Using University of Georgia as an example, Dr. Gerald Henry is struggling to get students into his program because his potential incoming freshmen can’t get into the lofty standards of the school. If we can broaden the initial number of kids interested in turf, the numbers game begins to tilt in favor of finding kids capable of getting into our turf programs across the country. This is not an overnight solution, but it has to start somewhere, and I see no better time than now.

Elected Director At-Large

Lee Van Meeteren

City of Sioux Center, IA

Lee Van Meeteren is the Parks Director for the City of Sioux Center and the Head Groundskeeper for the City of Sioux Center, Dordt University and Sioux Center Community Schools. He started working for the city in 2008 as the Assistant Parks Director and joined ISFMA the state chapter for SFMA and quickly became very involved joining the board the 13 years serving at vice president, president, and past president in many different forms. He joined SFMA during that process after truly understanding that this peer group of professionals is much larger than just Iowa. He became the Director and Head Groundskeeper in 2014 and now serves on Joint use board for our athletic fields, parks board for our city parks system, trails board for our local and county parks trail systems, American State Bank sports complex board for operations for the indoor artificial turf manager. We currently manage around 40 acres of athletic grounds and 300 acres of general parks and city owned properties. We are an Environmental Certified Facility and proud to be one of the first ones to have that Certification in the state of Iowa but also nationally. Served on Chapter relations committee for SFMA and have enjoyed collaborating with many different people in that process.

Outside of work Lee enjoys spending time on the Golf course, boating with family and the many hours in the bleacher watching my five kids compete. He also loves to teach and help anyone that asks for opinions on anything grass or construction. His fiancé Emily has also got him started in the gardening world now. He is also a farmer growing corn and soybeans of around 700 acres in SE South Dakota.

Lee lives in Sioux Center, IA with his soon to be Wife Emily and their combined 5 children Dillon (17), Sophi (16), Greyson (13), Carter (12), Jaelee (9).


My perspective of vison might look different than most. I was lucky to find this profession. I was in lawncare for almost 14 years of my life and knew nothing about there were even jobs in the sports turf world even though I have played football and baseball my whole life and just never knew there were people that took time to take care of these places. I have made it my goal to educate kids of the world of these types of jobs and I would love to see SFMA continue to take a highly active role in not only educating the professionals of the world to do our jobs better but to also keep taking the next generation of professional serious. Whether we like it or not, most sports turf managers do not even know they are sports turf managers, they just happen to have it on their job list given to them. With that said to grow our relationships with all the local chapters by running SFMA events with local chapters and use our resources and connections to help managers and fields across the nation but to bring our professionals into the classrooms in every high school.

I love that there are so many possibilities within SFMA and all it takes is dreamers and doers.

Parks and Recreation Director

Cliff Driver, CSFM

Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation / M-NCPPC, Prince George’s County, MD

Cliff Driver, CSFM, has over thirty years’ experience in athletic field and green industry management in the Mid-Atlantic Region. He currently manages over one-hundred athletic fields including softball, baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, and cricket serving a diverse community supporting healthy lifestyles through recreation in Prince George’s County, Maryland. His extensive background includes a significant tenure in the athletic field construction and renovation sector, where he successfully managed over eight-hundred field improvements with a focus on sustainability, efficiency, playability, and player safety. Mr. Driver is committed to implementing innovation and improving technology and data opportunities to enhance efficiency, preserve the environment, and ensure athlete safety.

Cliff is a valued collaborator who actively engages with local, state, and federal elected officials for industry advancement towards sustainable natural grass advocacy for funding, education, and policy development. His passion is to improve sustainable natural grass to foster multi-generational recreation and promote healthy lifestyles within his community.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree, Cliff is currently pursuing his master’s in business administration. He is highly sought after as a presenter, having conducted numerous educational sessions in the Parks and Recreation and Athletic Field industry throughout his career on various topics including sustainability, athletic field construction and renovation innovations, healthy soils and opportunity for improvements, organizational management, program development, data driven decisions with measurable outcomes, and professional development.


I have a vision to increase industry knowledge, agency membership, and collaboration and professional development through advocacy to improve athletic field sustainability and safety for athletes of all levels. As the association originated from our highest levels of Sports Field Managers, an area of concentration in our industry is in our Schools (K-12) and Parks and Recreation categories as the foundation and largest potential membership base expansion for further education about athletic field design, construction, maintenance, and life-cycle replacement with multiple internal/external stakeholders’ engagement. I believe that this sector of the athletic field industry needs a leader to collaborate for increased education, budget justification, apprenticeship development, and advocacy for advancements in the largest athletic field property owner section in the industry. As a member on the Board of Director’s in this association, each representative brings needs and opportunities from their respective membership into collaborative conversations to progress the agency and support the short- and long-range goals for improvement. An opportunity for growth is a path or designed track for conference education, specific target articles which pertain to this sector of the industry, and a champion for resources. As the sector of the industry which has the largest stakeholders of athletes across the Country, we need to continue investments into outreach, education, and membership for the greatest reach and impact for positive influence for safe and playable athletic fields.

Parks and Recreation Director

Zack Holm, CSFM

Central Park Conservancy, New York City, New York

Zack Holm, CSFM, is the Turf Care Manager at the Central Park Conservancy in New York City. As Turf Care Manager he oversees 300+ acres of turfgrass including 26 baseball/softball fields, lawn bowling and croquet courts, as well as hundreds of acres of recreational lawns. The Park is visited by more than 42 million visitors each year and hosts numerous high-profile events for the City of New York such as concerts and the NYC marathon. Prior to Central Park, Zack was the Manager of Operations at the New York Red Bulls Training Facility in Whippany, NJ. During this time the Red Bulls won SFMA Professional Soccer Field of the Year twice for both the Training Facility and Red Bull Arena. Both of those facilities were one of the first facilities to be certified by the SFMA for environmentally responsible management.

Zack is a graduate of Delaware Valley University with a bachelor’s degree in Turfgrass Management. Over the past few years Zack has also earned master’s degrees in construction management and Sports Management from Southern New Hampshire University. In addition to the Red Bulls and Central Park, Zack also spent time in minor and major league baseball.

Zack has been an active member of STMA/SFMA for the past 15 years serving on various committees such as awards and environmental. Currently, he is Chair of the Advocacy Committee and Co-Chair of the Environmental Committee and served on the task force for SFMA’s Environmental BMP document. In addition, Zack is humbled and honored to be serving as the current President of the Sports Field Managers Association of New Jersey (SFMANJ).

A native of San Diego, Zack resides in Byram Township, New Jersey with his wife Cory and two children, Dimitrius and Cassandra.


My vision for SFMA is simple; to be the leader of the sports field and green industries. This vision would include SFMA being at the top of the pyramid for providing information, environmental stewardship, and latest technology, helping the membership to earn the “expert” status within sports field management. An example of this vision would be to partner with organizations (such as Parks and Rec, or Baseball Coaches Associations) and aspiring for such organizations to look to SFMA to set the standard or be the resource for athletic field best management practices. This vision can support SFMA membership to “gain a seat at the table” with these organizations so that it can in turn empower our members to do the same by demonstrating the value and expertise the sports field manager can bring when actively involved. In addition, to grow the industry by recruiting new sports turf managers from high school athletic programs. If elected I look forward to working with fellow members and board members to showcase our expertise on the field and show, we are where the game begins.