The Toronto Blue Jays are coming home to a new AstroTurf field

After 670 days away from the Rogers Centre in Toronto, the Blue Jays will return to their home field on July 30. And they will play their first game north of the border since September 2019 on a newly installed AstroTurf baseball field, a project that has been in the works for more than a year.

While holding spring training and games in the United States earlier this year due to COVID safety restrictions, the team has been collaborating with AstroTurf to create the ultimate playing surface, which combines AstroTurf’s RootZone Diamond Series turf system with the extra shock absorption provided by a Brock SP17 pad.

The RootZone Diamond Series RBI 60 ounce was chosen by the Blue Jays for its player interaction, safety, ball action and ball performance.

“They wanted the best surface around for the best baseball athletes in the world. They had specific boxes to be checked when finding that,” said G. Aaron Klotz, AstroTurf’s national manager of baseball sales. “They took their time, hired a third party to administer these tests and examined all products available in the marketplace – and ultimately they selected the best.”

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