Texas Rangers preparing for synthetic turf at Globe Life Field

The Texas Rangers will begin play on a synthetic turf playing surface at the new Globe Life Field when it opens in March 2020.

The decision to utilize a synthetic grass playing surface was made after the Rangers organization completed almost two years of research to satisfy the club’s total requirements for player safely, team performance, and fan experience. The synthetic grass field was provided by Shaw Sports Turf with installation completed by Texas-based Paragon Sports Constructors.

According to Shaw Sports Turf, the system provided to the Rangers is specific to their needs and is unique to Globe Life Field. The Rangers opted for the B1K natural system, which employs a natural, sustainable infill called Geofill. 

B1K is a dual fiber turf system comprised of Shaw’s high-performance Strenexe XD slit film and Bolt monofilament. B1K natural was also an important element in the Rangers choice regarding their concerns with environmental impact and sustainability. The Geofill infill used in the system is made of coconut husks and fibers.