Tenbarge Seed partners with W.S. Connelly & Company

W.S. Connelly & Company (WSC) and Tenbarge Seed (TBS), providers of seed, fertilizer, erosion control and plant protection solutions, announced the merger of both companies. TBS and WSC will begin integrating business operations in December, however, both companies will maintain their brand equity in the marketplace and continue to deliver on exceeding customer and supplier expectations.

“We celebrate this new milestone today as we join these two independently owned companies,” said Kevin Connelly. “Our family businesses have worked together for over 20 years. Our teams have trained together. Our executives have served on boards together. We purchase from one another. Combining the commitment we have for our staff and the passion we share for our customers is what will make this partnership successful. Simply put, we are formally merging two incredible family businesses that have been in partnership for over 20 years.”

For more than 80 years and three generations, TBS has grownt to a household name in the golf, lawn care, and sports turf industries. Chad Will, owner of TBS had the vision to create a true family driven business for much of the Mid-West United States. TBS has brought back the appreciated locally owned and operated supply house. By merging with WSC, TBS will continue to operate independently, yet will draw on decades of experience to push the boundaries of service, innovation and customer-focused solutions.

Chad Will, third generation owner of TBS stated, “Our obsession with customer service led us to look for additional partners in the industry. WSC is a natural fit for TBS to continue our path towards growth and customer focused solutions. Partnering with another family business allows our customers and staff to have access to broader opportunities. Combining our business strengths will provide our customers a one-stop shop with over seven acres of warehouse space and a family of team members passionately focused on earning our customer’s trust.

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