Take Advantage of Post Conference Education

SFMA provided education from our industry experts in the weeks following the conference. Check out any sessions you may have missed:

What the Next Generation Should Know About Choosing A Job
Wes Ganobcik – Columbus Clippers
Wes will discuss everything a student needs to consider when choosing the internship that will provide the best experience. He will also discuss the factors that a young turfgrass manager needs to consider when choosing a job and negotiating a starting salary.

From Cornfield to a College Football Field
Tom Gould – Iowa State University, Adam Thoms, Ph.D. – Iowa State University, Josh Tvrdik – Iowa State Athletics Department
This presentation will cover how Iowa State University grew their own sand-based football field on a cornfield near the college. We will discuss how the ISU Athletic Department supported student education by funding students and giving them turfgrass management experience during this project. We will also discuss all of the steps to go from a cornfield to a sand-based sod to installing and maintaining the new playing surface on MidAmerican Field at Jack Trice Stadium. This presentation will cover sand selection, cultivar decisions, fertility and herbicides used as well as steps to care for the field such as mowing height and frequency. Finally, we will present how the field played during its first season in action.

Irrigating with Reuse Water and Managing Salts and pH
Bryan Hopkins, Ph.D. – Brigham Young University
Managing salts and pH are critical, especially when using irrigation water that is marginal. Impacts on plant health, nutrition, toxicities, soil microbiology, specific ion toxicities, and water infiltration will be discussed.

Data and Decisions: Applying Research in Sports Field Management Practices
Daniel Sandor, Ph.D. – Virginia Tech, Tyler Carr, Ph.D. – The Ohio State University
Sports field managers (SFMs) are required to produce playing surfaces that maximize field quality, playability, and safety, in an environmentally-sound and economically-sustainable manner. To determine which products and practices are right for managing their field, SFMs must first understand the importance of the scientific method and be able to correctly interpret scientific data and research findings.

Do Sustainable Varieties Impact Field Playability?
Kyley Dickson, Ph.D. – The University of Tennessee, Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D. – Pinnacle Agricultural Research Center
This talk will cover how sustainable turfgrass varieties can reduce inputs. We will discuss where to find information on sustainable turfgrass varieties in addition to their pros and cons. Also, discuss how sustainable grass varieties perform in player to surface interaction and ball to surface interactions for athletic fields.

Crossing The Bridge: Working with Athletic Administration
Marc Moran, CSFM – Atlee High School
This presentation focuses on building, maintaining or repairing a healthy relationship between the sports field manager and athletic administration. The relationship is critical for the long-term success of the strong sports field system, no matter if you are at the K-12, collegiate or professional level. Understanding the challenges of each allows the other to effectively make decisions and tackle issues or set effective goals for the athletic facility.

Irrigation System Design Approaches to Minimize Surge Pressure
Kurt Thompson – IrriTech Training
This advanced discussion takes the irrigation system manager, contractor, or designer through the cause and effect of the velocity of the water in the pipe and size of valves on the damaging cyclical forces that affect the operational costs and sprinkler performance, and then practical methods to minimize those surge pressures.

Additionally, if you were unable to attend the 2023 SFMA Conference, you are able to purchase the conference education session recordings. Visit the Online Store and purchase the recordings for $149. Access to individual sessions is $20 each. Full conference attendees have free, unlimited, lifetime access to the Online Library and received an email with access instructions in early February. SFMA conference recording are generously sponsored by STEC Equipment.