Are total facility shutdowns imminent?


SFMA President Jimmy Simpson, CSFM, released a statement to SFMA membership on March 12 regarding the impact of coronavirus on the sports field management industry. The following is his statement:

As we all deal personally with our own and our family’s health and safety issues, SFMA is also hearing about workplace challenges, including shutdowns of entire athletic facilities. We encourage you to have a specific conversation with your employer about the needs of the living, growing plants that are your sports fields. Although the entire facility may have restrictions, make sure your administration is aware of the facility’s maintenance needs and that you may need an exemption. Bring a plan of action to show them how you will conduct your work without coming in contact with any other team members. Be prepared to explain what can happen to the field without some minimal care. Of course, human life is of paramount importance, much more important than a field, but a plan that highlights no interaction with any staff may be an acceptable compromise.

Your board of directors is available for questions. Please contact SFMAinfo@SFMA.org or contact me directly at ph. 919-380-2126.

Sincerely yours,

Jimmy Simpson, CSFM

SFMA President