Spotlight on Excellence: Celebrating SFMA Members’ Achievements

SFMA is excited to introduce a new monthly column, “Spotlight on Excellence,” dedicated to highlighting the achievements of our members both on and off the field. This platform provides an opportunity for SFMA members to share their accomplishments, accolades, and significant contributions within the sports field management community.

  • Field Recognition and Awards: If your field has been recognized or awarded for its quality, playability, innovative design, superior conditions, or sustainability we encourage you to share your success story.
  • Individual and Staff Recognition: SFMA values the hard work and achievements of our members and their staff. If you’ve been recognized for leadership, innovation, research, or industry collaborations in sports field management, we want to showcase your accomplishments.
  • Other significant contributions or accomplishments: We know our members are involved in significant projects, volunteerism and impactful initiatives that go beyond routine field management. If you or your staff have made a positive impact on sports field management or the community, let us highlight your contributions.

Reach out to Whitney at wwebber@sportsfieldmanagement.org to share your accomplishments and receive the recognition you truly deserve. Together, let’s celebrate excellence in sports field management and inspire others with your success stories.