Snow in Cactus League new one for Bossard

“It’s hard to shock the Sodfather,” Paul Sullivan writes in the Chicago Tribune.

“A snowy start to the Cactus League was a 1st for Roger Bossard.”

White Sox head groundskeeper Roger Bossard, known far and wide for his reputation as the Don of Dirt, has seen it all in his 53 years of tending fields for hundreds of Sox players.

Bossard was there when the Sox installed an AstroTurf infield in 1969 through 1975. (“It’s not the way the game should be played. It’s phony,” he later groused to the Tribune.) He was there pulling out his thinning hair during the Disco Demolition riot of ’79 that ravaged old Comiskey Park and forced the Sox to forfeit a game. And he’s still there battling the polar vortexes that have become more commonplace the last few years.

But the Sodfather wasn’t prepared for snow in Arizona on the night before the Cactus League opener.

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