Protecting athletes and fans indoors

Flying balls, diving players,
multiple games at once all led Cory Wonner, director of the Salem (OH) Community
Center, to look for a way to protect both athletes and spectators at the
center’s new indoor synthetic turf field. He chose to install a
divider curtain that also helped him maximize his space.

“The quality and design of the curtain are fantastic!” said Wonner. “We are able to raise and lower the 25-foot curtain in less than a minute. It also allows us to expand our program offerings and rental time slots by giving us the option to have two separated events happening at the same time. The design team at Grand Slam designed the curtain to our exact specifications.”

of a Gym Divider

Increased safety: Most sports feature a quick pace and lots
of moving around, which can result in loss of control and nasty falls. Not only
that, but playing in interior spaces can also lead to a lack of focus on the
game, as some might be overly concerned with space and where they can safely
go. In order to avoid collisions players are hesitant to run into adjacent
areas where other games are taking place. You can eliminate that hesitation
with our divider curtains, which provide clear boundaries for both players and

Better ball containment: More often than not, gyms will host
events and facilitate multiple teams playing or practicing at the same time. No
matter how big your building is, this dilemma can cause headaches, with balls
flying everywhere and people entering each other’s field of play. Implementing
netting and other court dividers can solve the issue. Section your gym to keep
everyone — and everything — in their assigned area. You can then change the gym
setup the following day without difficulty. This strategy helps with multiple
sports and even allows you to hold camps and tournaments.

Improved convenience and efficiency: Grand Slam Safety has created a walk-draw netting curtain that creates the space you want. Straight line or curved track can be used to make any size division to your space. When you stop, the sports netting stops and locks into place, creating a customized size and shape space—for any sport, meeting, or event. With a pull on the unlocking mechanism, the gym divider curtain is ready to be moved again, either to the end of the track for convenient out-of-the-way, storage or to create another customized space.

On top of all that, you can customize your gym divider
curtain to fit your specifications. Do you want to display your school’s
colors? Or perhaps you need a unique set of dimensions.