Polimer elected NESFMA President

The nominating committee announced the results of the 2018-19 elections at the New England SFMA Summer Field Day on August 8 and Ben Polimer took over as NESFMA President. The following is an excerpt from his comments that day:

“As incoming President of NESFMA I would like to thank a few people and lay out my goals. First I would like to thank Vickie Wallace for her strong leadership. I would also like to thank Mike Buras. Mike hired me for my first job out of turf school and introduced me to NESFMA. Without his confidence in me, I wouldn’t be in this position today.

My goals for the next two years are to:

  1. Increase our educational opportunities. Education is the backbone of our association and I want to offer more. I will push to have webinar educational sessions this winter. This will be an opportunity to continue to learn without leaving your home or office.
  2. Strengthen our relationships with partner organizations. There are many great groups in New England that we should work together with. We will work to reach out to partner groups like private school association, parks association and irrigation organizations to promote the importance of sports turf education.
  3. Work with the Board on developing a streamlined sponsorship package for our Commercial Partners. This will help them better reach their customers and manage their budgets.
  4. Organize a social event for our members and their families. This event could be at a professional sporting event and would be a great way for our members and Commercial Partners to connect with each other in a different format.
  5. Reorganize and reenergize our committees. I would like to ask all members to consider serving on a committee. Strong committees help NESFMA run smoothly, strengthen our events, and introduce members to potential board service. Please look for information about how to become more involved in the coming months.

Thank you to my fellow board members, our new management team, and most importantly the great members of NESFMA! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, ideas, or concerns.”

Outgoing president, Vickie Wallace, was recognized for her strong leadership and outstanding service by Polimer at the Summer Field Day. In his comments Ben said “With Vickie at the helm these past two years, NESFMA has been transformed. Highlights of her tenure include ensuring financial stability with a bold dues increase (and 95% membership retention), developing a long-term strategic plan, and hiring a professional management firm who will serve our association well into the future. She is going to be a tough act to follow.” Vickie was presented with a gavel plaque and received a resounding round of applause from the members in attendance.