Plan to Submit – Innovative Awards

Receive recognition by your peers by applying for the 2024 SFMA Innovative Awards. The Innovative Awards were established to honor our commercial members whose innovation have made the sports field manager more effective or the playing surface safer. The prestigious award is given to one or more exhibitors at the SFMA Annual Conference. The 2024 SFMA Annual conference will be taking place in Daytona Beach, FL, January 22nd-25th.

Submit your innovation for recognition! It’s easy and only has 3 requirements:

1) Be a commercial member of SFMA who is exhibiting at SFMA’s Annual Conference in 2024.

2) Have introduced an innovative product, service or piece of equipment within 2 years of exhibiting. The product must substantially enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sports Field Manager in the interest of making playing surfaces safer and more playable for athletes.

3) The short online application will be made available soon on our website and emailed to all commercial members.