Packers have new turf at Lambeau Field

Wes Hodkiewicz from Packers.com provides details on the team’s new turf before its first pre-season game:

While it might not be visible to the naked eye, a new playing surface awaits the Packers once the team runs out of the tunnel at Lambeau Field on Saturday for Family Night.

The organization recently completed a five-month reconstruction of Lambeau Field’s turf, transitioning from the GrassMaster polypropylene fibers it installed before the 2007 season to polyethylene-based SIS Grass.

Although Lambeau Field houses the first SIS Grass field in the United States, the technology has grown in popularity on soccer fields throughout the world over the past decade.

Instead of the previous three-to-four-week timetable to stitch the field, a single machine shipped from Japan worked around the clock from July 9-16. It stitched fibers ¾ inch from each other and seven inches deep, sticking up just under an inch above the ground.

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