NCS4 shares best practices for managing tailgating

NCS4 (National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security) offers best practice takeaways regarding tailgating from its Safety and Security Best Practice Guides. 

As sporting events change in dynamics, there is more social aspect before, during, and after the game. One of the largest changes has been the amount of tailgating that may take place. Tailgating can take place in parking lots, field, or other spaces that allow groups of people to come together around arenas, stadiums, or other venues. 

Many tailgates involve the consumption of food and alcohol. Several of these individuals attend the tailgates by foot without a ticket to get into the event.

But the physical location is only the first part of tailgate management. By creating expectations for the specific areas and collaborating with stakeholders, there is the ability to start setting restrictions and monitoring crowds with supreme details.

After the tailgating areas are determined, you must set standards on what and who is allowed in the areas and the plan to manage the patrons.

For the full NCS4 tailgating best practices, download the 2019 editions of the NCS4 Safety and Security Best Practices Guides at http://www.ncs4.com/knowledgeportal/best-practices