NCS4 COVID-19 task force publishes first Considerations

As the world continues to learn from the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, NCS4 has not issued the traditional best practice takeaways as its focus has been similarly understanding and researching threats and concerns created during the pandemic. In this infancy stage, the safety and security industry doesn’t have a set of traditional best practices that have been vetted by industry professionals through summits and other methods. However, NCS4 recognizes the need for information and has organized a task force of industry leaders to find solutions for the various issues you may face. This task force will continuously provide considerations for venues and event managers to reflect on during this unpredictable time.

Considerations for future venues will cover a large swath of concerns and plans will have to be restructured or created from scratch. Many of the various considerations may be adapted from previously implemented plans and procedures, while others will be new to the venue, staff, and guests. Download Considerations