NALP launches Veterans in Landscape Network

Connecting with industry peers can result in new ideas, opportunities and good old-fashioned friendships. That is why NALP is pleased to announce that it has added the Veterans in Landscape Network to its offerings of free special interest networks.

“Over the past several months, representatives of NALP’s senior staff have been spending time visiting members,” said Britt Wood, NALP CEO. “And, as we did so, we kept hearing wonderful stories about how veterans are making a huge impact on this industry. Further, we had heard from many members how they use NALP’s Renewal and Remembrance event to send their veterans to Washington D.C., so they can be a part of the work we do at Arlington National Cemetery and the National Mall. After taking this all in, we saw an opportunity to bring all of these veterans together to create opportunities for them to connect and have an even larger impact on the industry.”

As veterans are one of the larger groups in the industry that doesn’t currently have a home, this network was formed to create connections and support veterans in the lawn care and landscape industry.

“Creating networking opportunities is one of the most valued benefits that NALP offers, and we wanted to be sure we are able to do this for the veterans in our industry,” said Wood. “We are anxious to see what ideas for helping the industry evolve when this group gets together.”

Wood encourages veterans to join the VILN and build their network.

“We always want to be supplying our members with new ways to help them grow their team members, and it is our belief that by creating this network NALP will be better able to develop new opportunities for veterans in our industry to grow and thrive,” he said.

NALP’s other networks include the Women in Landscape Network, Latino Landscape Network and Young Professionals Network. “NALP’s Networks have become a great source of new ideas that NALP can implement to help the industry,” Wood says. “We think that this large community of individuals coming together will surely uncover new ways NALP can help this great industry grow.”

Those who want to engage can sign up for future communications and connect at https://www.landscapeprofessionals.org/LP/Careers/LP/Careers/Veterans_in_Landscape_Network.aspx

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