MTSD groundskeeper brings NFL, MLB experience to the field

According to a post by Madeline Clark for www.miltonindependent.com there’s a new groundskeeper at Milton Town (VT) School District, but it’s far from his first rodeo maintaining athletic greens. John “Lee” Keller has lived and breathed grass clippings and field paint for nearly four decades serving the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB) and even European sporting venues. Most recently, he’s come to Milton to share his expertise and help the district’s fields reach their full potential.

“We really like to see the football field shine,” facilities director Bruce Cheeseman said. “He’s [Keller] helped us a lot.”

Keller joined the MTSD grounds crew two years ago at Cheeseman’s request. Things were changing in his UVM post and he was looking for greener pastures. In Milton, Keller’s helped the crew transform their work methods and improve efficiency. His efforts have helped make the fields some of the best among schools in the state, according to Cheeseman.

Keller began crafting clean greens after graduating college in 1984. Jobs were scarce at the time so he wrote George Toma, a groundskeeper for the Kansas City Royals, among other teams and sports, to see if he could join his crew.

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