Member Spotlight- Zach Van Voorhees, CSFM

*Nominated by Jeff Fleetwood

During the week of June 3-10, 2023, Zach Van Voorhees, CSFM, was undertaking a new leadership role. This week was the town’s big event of the year, the Division 2 World Series. Zach’s new role required him to manage a crew of 20 people, while also overseeing the National Training Complex (USA Baseball) and Thomas Brooks Park. Zach provided the staff with a clear-cut plan for the week while also making sure the playing surface for Coleman Field was up to MLB standards. Zach did a wonderful job overseeing everything that was thrown at him while also providing a safe and durable playing surface which hosted 14 games in 7 days. Zach exemplifies what it means to be CSFM and an SFMA member through his dedication, professionalism, and expertise in his field.

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