Keynote Speaker Announced: Rodney Smith, Jr.

Rodney Smith, Jr., Founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, will give the Keynote presentation at SFMA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Rodney Smith came to the United States from Bermuda in 2009 where he studied at Alabama A & M and earned a degree in computer sciences. In 2015 Rodney observed an elderly man struggling to cut his yard in Huntsville, AL and was inspired to begin cutting lawns for people who needed help. From this beginning, he founded Raising Men Lawn Care Service with the goal of helping people and enlisting young volunteers whose parents want them to learn about volunteerism. The Mission of the non-profit is to “unite the extraordinary community that is present in our local area. We are completely confident in the fact that we can provide a very inspirational program that focuses on channeling the energy that youths have in a positive way as well as helping those who need it the most. We know that sometimes youth want to help the community and sometimes people need it, but it can be hard to know who, why and where. We focus on getting all of this sorted out while also helping people around the area to care for and maintain their lawns.”