Free Summer Webinars

SFMA is hosting a free summer webinar series.  Dr. Travis Gannon, Associate Professor at North Carolina State University, will present 3 webinars on pesticide exposure on athletic fields.

Synthetic pesticides are commonly used to manage weeds, insects, and diseases on managed athletic fields. Currently, there is much scrutiny around pesticides and their use, much of which is due to misinformation and lack of understanding pesticide fate and behavior.  While this is not a new interest or concern, it is currently heightened, likely for a number of reasons including the International Agency for Research on Cancer classification of glyphosate as a Class 2A probable carcinogen to humans in 2015 and subsequent events.  While pesticides are an integral component, they must be used judiciously and it is imperative facility managers understand various aspects of their utilization so environmental and human health aren’t adversely affected.

Each webinar will build from the previous one, so make sure to sign up and attend each to learn how to devise best management practices to minimize potential risks and optimize pesticide applications at your facility.

View the Recording for Part 1

Register Here for Part 2: July 17, 1 pm ET

Register Here for Part 3: August 21, 1 pm ET