Customize our National BMP Guide to your Facility!

As sports field managers, our responsibility extends beyond just ensuring that the field is in good condition for athletes to play on. We also have a duty to protect the environment and promote sustainable practices. The Best Management Practices (BMP) guide for the sports field manager is an essential resource that can help us achieve this goal.

The BMP guide is a comprehensive compilation of environmental best practices that covers every aspect of sports field management. It includes 12 unique sections that provide guidance on planning, design, and construction, turfgrass establishment, cultural practices, nutrient management, irrigation, cultivation and surface management, integrated pest management, pesticide management, sustainable landscaping, synthetic turf, maintenance operations, and emergency preparedness.

By following the recommendations outlined in the BMP guide, sports field managers can ensure that they are following solid environmental practices. This not only helps to protect the environment but also positions us as strong stewards. This can aid in educating decision-makers such as legislators, regulators, employers, and community constituents. Additionally, the National BMP document is provided as a customizable template that can be edited to fit the needs of a specific region, state, or facility.

While it is essential to customize the document to meet specific needs, it is equally important to maintain the integrity of the document. The BMP guide was created by subject matter experts from academia and the sports field management profession who contributed factual and accurate information. Thus, only select areas of the document allow for customization.

The BMP guide is an essential resource for sports field managers who want to ensure that their practices are environmentally responsible. By following the guidelines, we can protect the environment, promote sustainability, and position ourselves as strong stewards of the environment. Access the customizable BMP template as a Word document on the SFMA website and start customizing it to fit your needs today!