Canadian park features innovative green infrastructure

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) announced a $750,000 grant that will help the City of Kitchener incorporate state of the art stormwater management features at the new RBJ Schlegel Park. This investment in green infrastructure will continue Kitchener’s reputation as a leader in environmental sustainability and improve watershed health by minimizing stormwater runoff into the downstream system.

“RBJ Schlegel Park will provide many recreational facilities and play areas for Kitchener residents,” states MP Marwan Tabbara. “When it opens next year I expect it will include multiple sports fields, a children’s playground and splash pad. I am very pleased that it will include innovative green infrastructure that will be supported financially by our government’s municipal green infrastructure program. Well-managed cities like Kitchener are important partners in climate action. Our government is investing $26.9 billion in green infrastructure projects across the country. We are providing grants for three programs delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, including the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program. These projects will help reduce Canada’s carbon footprint and increase our resilience against climate change, while creating jobs and growing the economy.”

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