Aspen Investments announces the acquisition of Great Lakes Turf

Aspen Investments, a holding company that supports the erosion control, site work materials, golf, lawn care, landscape, nursery and greenhouse markets, announced the acquisition of Great Lakes Turf, a prominent distributor of professional turfgrass solutions.

This acquisition will provide additional support for Great Lakes Turf in its key markets of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and the greater Chicago region. It will also help realize their vision of growing the business beyond professional golf applications into the sports turf, nursery, greenhouse and lawn and landscape markets. 

“We’re looking forward to bringing the Great Lakes team on board to take them to the next level,” said Keith Montgomery, chief business development officer for Aspen Investments. “We will be helping them expand to other product lines, customer segments, and geographical areas. We’re thankful to Jim and Mike from Great Lakes Turf for being such great people to work with throughout the process.” 

Previous co-owners Jim Johnson and Mike Plague will remain on the team, with Johnson focusing on the Western Michigan and Illinois regions, and Plague taking on the role of specialty product manager.

As a part of the agreement, Great Lakes Turf will be moving production and distribution into a new warehouse, three times larger than their previous facility. This will help them manage more customers and fulfill orders more efficiently. 

“We’re also thrilled to be reunited with Jud Hudnut, as general manager,” said Montgomery. “We will lean on his expertise and aggressiveness in the industry to make this a successful endeavor for all of us, especially Great Lakes Turf customers.”

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