A Memo to Employers From the CEO of the Sports Turf Managers Association, Kim Heck, CAE

As we all deal with the spread of the pandemic, my first concern is the health and safety of the people in this world, and I’m sure you echo these concerns. Our health and safety and that of our families, friends, peers, and the doctors, nurses and others on the front line should absolutely be our key focus.

Businesses and the continuation of them are a distant second, but a very real concern for owners, operators and employees. The sports field management business is no different. Fields are closed for play, which makes sense for the safety of the players, officials, coaches and fans. It also makes good business sense to have your sports fields managed at some level by a professional during these closures. Without continued minimal maintenance the fields will take longer to bring back to a safe, playable surface. In some cases, without care, a field may require total renovation — an unplanned cost that could be avoided by allowing your sports field manager to continue maintenance.

We will get on the other side of this, and at that time it will be a frenzy to get all of your sports teams back on their fields for their seasons. The excitement is excellent, however trying to condense three months of play into three weeks is not a good business decision. It’s not manageable and overuse can lead to unsafe surfaces.

Protect your asset: the field and the revenue stream it provides. Implement continuing maintenance for your fields and set a reasonable schedule of play with your field manager when the fields have re-opened.

*Please forward this business reminder to your employer*