A-LIST creeping bentgrass approval

For decades breeders have worked to improve the quality and performance of turfgrass varieties. Breeding often emphasized the level of fertility and water for optimal growth desired by users. However, turf managers are having to balance improved variety management practices with environmental dictates. Reduced inputs have become the norm, not the exception, in the world of turfgrass management.

The A-LIST sees the need to add another species of turfgrass to our trials to help improve our mission of low input and sustainability. Creeping bentgrass cultivars will now be added to A-LIST approvals. The large amount of golf courses that utilize creeping bentgrass on their course has increased the need to provide certification for an additional species. Breeding efforts have greatly improved the ability of disease resistance, heat tolerance, and reduced input requirements of creeping bentgrass. A list of certified varieties that have been proven to be able to meet the mission of the A-LIST through demonstrated trials are listed below. Creeping bentgrass trials will be a part of the trials for A-LIST varieties now and into the future.

Certified Varieties:

  • 007XL
  • 777
  • Macdonald
  • Piper
  • Oakley
  • Piranha
  • Diplomacy
  • Proclamation
  • Declaration
  • Spectrum
  • Match Ply
  • Luminary

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