3 Reasons Why You Must Attend Conference

REMINDER: Early Bird Discount for Fax/Mail Registrations Ends Dec. 15

SFMA’s annual conference and exhibition is a few short weeks away. Here are three ways the Conference will help you take your career to the next level. By attending, you will:

  1. Cut Through the Clutter. There is a crushing amount of information available through the internet. The SFMA conference cuts through that chaos and brings you top material that is relevant and timely to your job.
  2. Tap into the Power of your Peers. Being around like-minded people who are there to improve themselves generates power and energy. Nothing in social media or on-line learning methods can compare.
  3. Meet the Stars. SFMA brings together top academics, researchers, product developers and industry professionals. This brain trust not only shares great content, but now you are adding new people-resources to your network for future growth.

Go on-line to SFMA.org to register today. Questions? Call 800-323-3875.