2023 Innovative Award Winners

Congratulations to Sports Labs and SGL who were chosen as SFMA’s 2023 “Innovative Award” winners.

Sports Labs won with their Pro Pitch Online Portal. The Pro Pitch Portal is software that allow field managers, owners, maintenance crews, or any field stakeholder to monitor and document their surface. The software with input from a user will track various data points from moisture, coverage, lighting, usage, cut height, performance and safety of the surface. The portal will track a over time the data points providing graphs and charts to visual see the performance of a surface so key decisions can be made to improve performance, make adjustments to maintenance practices. In addition the portal allows users to generate reports to share with key stakeholders so an open and transparent tracking of the fields performance can be viewed and the correct decisions made Learn more here.

SGL won with their LED50 lighting unit. The newest addition to their LED lighting product line. The LED50 is equipped with energy efficient LED lighting fixtures and infrared heating elements. This design enables Sports Field Managers to control light and temperature independently. Giving the control of the growing environment in the hands of the Sports Field Manager and allowing for a wider range of use. The new LED50 is effective on both warm season and cool season surfaces for year-round use. Learn more here.

The “Innovative Awards Program” recognizes SFMA commercial company members who have developed a product, service, equipment or technology that substantially enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the sports field manager and/or makes the playing surfaces safer and/or more playable for athletes. Chosen by SFMA’s Innovative Awards Task Group, entries are evaluated on a wide range of qualities including whether or not they fill a need; are creative; save time and resources; are cutting-edge; make a task easier or more productive; improve quality; protect the environment and improve efficiency.