Apply Now for SAFE Scholarships and Grants!

SAFE scholarship and grant applications are now open! Although the deadline to submit for all programs is Oct. 15, now is the time to begin assembling the information for your application.

SAFE has many scholarships and grant programs to award:

SAFE Turfgrass Scholarships – Awards are given to students who are pursuing turfgrass management or post-graduate research. Several of these are named in Dr. James Watson’s name and are completely funded by The Toro Company.

The Paul Zwaska Scholarship – The scholarship promotes diversity with in the profession and recognizes and encourages full-time students pursuing a career in the Sports Field Management profession. This scholarship is provided by Beacon Athletics.

SAFE Non-Turfgrass Scholarship: The Darian Daily Legacy ScholarshipNamed in honor of a legendary supporter of SFMA and SAFE and a family man, this scholarship is awarded to dependents of members who are pursuing a field of academic study outside of the turfgrass industry.

Leo Goertz Membership Grant – Winners receive a two-year SFMA membership. Multiple grants are awarded to sports field managers or crew members who are not members of SFMA. This grant is supported by Pioneer Athletics.

Gary Vanden Berg Internship Grant – Named in honor of Gary Vanden Berg, CSFM, for his contributions to the industry in promoting internships, students who have interned are eligible to submit post-internship to augment their internship wages.

Terry Mellor Continuing Education Grant – This named grant provides funding for an SFMA chapter member to attend the SFMA annual conference. This grant is made possible through the support of Turface Athletics.

For more information on SAFE’s scholarships visit: https://staging.stma.org/scholarship-program/ and for additional information on SAFE Grants, go to: https://staging.stma.org/safe-grants/.