Raise your facility’s profile

Raise your facility’s profile by pursuing SFMA’s environmental facility certification.

Forty-three facilities have achieved environmental facility certification and have been recognized for that achievement. This two-part process begins with a self-assessment conducted by the sports field manager reviewing best management practices in 10 areas. Those areas are:

Stormwater Management






Energy Conservation

Shop Buildings/Storage


Educational Outreach

The assessment is then submitted to SFMA, and if 80 percent is achieved in each section, the applicant begins phase 2: attesting. The attesting process is a walk-though of the facility by a CSFM or personnel from an environmental agency and the sports field manager. That process validates that the procedures are in place; every facility that has been attested has passed and been granted certification.

There is a $50 application fee to begin the process. Once achieved the recognition plaque is $100. Recertification occurs every three years with a streamlined process of answering three questions.

The Environmental Committee is developing the next version of the program, which will include two more BMP areas: Managed Landscape and Open Space and Synthetic Surfaces. Plans are to release the updated version in early summer.

“When SFMA began this Environmental Certification program, it was a natural decision on wanting to pursue certification to bring awareness and recognition to the role that we can all play when it comes to being good stewards of the environment”.  – John Turnour, CSFM, Washington Nationals

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