Featured Speakers of the Month

Each month two speakers presenting as part of SFMA’s 2021 Virtual Conference will be featured. Don’t miss the educational opportunities we are offering you and your staff!

Dr. Nick Christians is a Professor at Iowa State University and Ben Pease is a Turfgrass Research Specialist and Ph.D. Candidate at Iowa State University. On Tuesday, January 12 they will be presenting “The Mathematics of Tank Mixing for Sports Field Management.”

The presentation will cover the basics of the mathematics involved in tank mixing fertilizers and pesticides for use on sports field areas. Processes involved in tank mixing, including information on compatibility and order of mixing, will also be discussed.

Attendees will learn:

  • The basics of mathematics for fertilizer and pesticide calculations.
  • How the calculations relate to tank mixtures that are to be sprayed.


Tim Van Loo, CSFM is the Director of Facilities and Grounds at Iowa State University and Amber Van Loo is an Office Assistant at Bella Homes. On Tuesday, Jan. 19, they will be presenting “Self Care…Can Improve Leadership, Mentorship, and Relationships.”

Creating a healthy lifestyle can lead to more benefits than running a marathon or having a low body mass index number. What we eat, how we exercise, and how we purposefully relieve stress is all tied together in how we are as parents, spouses, employees, leaders and how we interact with those around us. Taking small steps and creating new habits to become your healthiest you is easier than you think. Our hope is to give practical advice and make a case that you can have a fuller life than you currently are living. Being happy begins with understanding your body, and what you do to it can dictate so many different outcomes.

By attending this session, participants will learn:

  • What different foods do to your gut and how it affects your brain function.
  • What eating healthy looks like…..it’s not a diet to lose weight. It is a diet to help your body work better for you.
  • Exercise, not talking a gym membership. Creating a healthy outlet for you to decompress but enjoy the activity. Creating a lifestyle that has exercise built into it.
  • Stress, how to effectively decompress. Get away from work and technology to be content with yourself and your situation. Practical steps to find joy in whatever situation you are in.