DuraEdge to sell bulk material direct in the Midwest

DuraEdge Products Inc. and subsidiaries announced its decision to sell bulk material direct in the Midwest. DuraEdge has enjoyed a 10-year relationship with Advanced Turf Solutions (ATS) as the exclusive distributor of

DuraEdge Products in many areas of the Midwest. Due to changes outside of its control, DuraEdge has decided to go in another direction and DuraEdge materials, including both bulk and packaged products, are no longer available through ATS. As DuraEdge continues to expand, it realizes the importance of maintaining a strong connection with their end users. They are excited to further those relationships and to have the chance to work more closely with their clients. This change will also allow for a more streamlined and cost-effective delivery for end-users in the Midwest.

Over the past several years, DuraEdge set its focus on four key initiatives for the

Midwest market. It began with expanding its infrastructure to provide cost-effective bulk infield materials and installation — from professional fields to high schools and parks. Next, it introduced a comprehensive post-sale support program, Field Assurance, that guarantees infield performance at a fixed annual budget following a certified Installation. From there, DuraEdge built out a complete line of mound clay and topdressing materials — engineered to provide the safest and most playable infields at all levels. Most recently, the company expanded their team of industry experts to include ex-MLB groundskeeper Luke Yoder in order to offer the best design and maintenance advice directly to Midwest customers.

Now, DuraEdge is excited to continue to help customers in the Midwest achieve even higher levels of safety and playability through this direct relationship.

“As we go direct, we are looking forward to an enhanced personal relationship with our customers in the Midwest,” said Luke Yoder, senior VP of business development. “We are excited to engage in conversations that will lead to the most efficient and transparent service, while providing a more economical and effective purchasing approach. In the end, we want to make certain that our clients are thoroughly educated on the entire DuraEdge product line and to ensure that the solution put in place is tailored to their needs for the long term. Watching our customers succeed is one of the most gratifying parts of what we do.”

DuraEdge intends to expand their distribution network when it comes to its packaged products, including BlackStick mound clay, ProSlide expanded shale topdressing, and its line of ProSlide calcined clay conditioners, in order to provide better availability and lower cost for those engineered products.