Announcing the SportsField Management Podcast

SportsField Management, the official publication of the Sports Turf Managers Association, announced the new SportsField Management Podcast

Whether you are in the field or on the go, you can be listening to sports field management education, information and industry interviews. From archived SFMA education sessions, roundtable discussions, and presentations to original interviews with industry insiders, the SportsField Management Podcast will bring you in-depth insight to better manage your sports field and facilities. And it’s all available on the go, whenever – and wherever – you are.

The first entry to theSportsField Managementpodcast is an archived presentation from the SFMA Conference on the topic of plant growth regulators. The speaker, Ben Polimer, is fields and grounds coordinator, Town of Weston, Mass., and president of the New England Sports Turf Managers Association. Although this is archived content, we felt the information is more relevant than ever, as field managers are seeking information on how plant growth regulators might be used during these times of limited access to fields and reduced mowing schedules. This presentation also ties into Ben Polimer’s article in the May 2020 issue of SportsField Managementmagazine.

Visit https://sportsfieldmanagementonline.com/podcast/, and be sure to check back for more educational content and industry interviews, coming soon.