SFMA officially decentralizes headquarters

As of March 1, the SFMA headquarters staff officially began its permanent work-from-home environment. All staff has been working from home for the past year, and the board evaluated this arrangement and determined that services to members have remained unaffected. They officially voted to implement this on a permanent basis beginning after the 2021 virtual conference. Education manager Kristen Althouse has been serving members from a home office for more than 12 years.

SFMA’s mailing address has changed and the new address is noted below. Please make a note of it. The fax number has not changed: 785-843-2599 nor has the toll-free number, which is 800-323-3875. Staff’s e-mail contact information remains the same and the global contact address SFMAinfo@stma.org also has not changed. If you have any problems contacting a staff member, please let CEO Kim Heck know at kheck@stma.org


PO Box 1673

Lawrence, KS 66044

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