Pre-conference education

Don’t miss the pre-conference education session taking place on Monday, January 16 from 1:15-5 p.m. at the SFMA Conference and Exhibition. In this session – titled “How Can We Help?” – meet and interact with academics for a refresher in the basics of turfgrass management and problem diagnosis. Speakers and topics include the following: 

  • Let Us Help You – Leah Brilman, Ph.D. – DLF Pickseed 
  • Turfgrass Basics – Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D. – Pinnacle Agricultural Research Center 
  • Fertilizer 101 – Cale Bigelow, Ph.D. – Purdue Turf Science 
  • Weed ID – Erick Begitschke, M.S. – University of Georgia 
  • Insect ID – Geoffrey Rinehart – University of Maryland 
  • Disease ID – David McCall, Ph.D. – Virginia Tech 
  • Turfgrass Math – Adam Thoms, Ph.D. – Iowa State University 
  • Basic Field Safety – John Sorochan, Ph.D. – University of Tennessee 

Enjoy a fun, relaxed, reception-style atmosphere complete with food and beverages. This session is free to attend, and pre-registration is not required. This session is sponsored by DLF and Mountain View Seeds. 

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