Ozarks Chapter meeting recap

The Ozarks Chapter held its chapter meeting in person on June 16 at Republic High School’s sports complex. Nearly 30 Ozarks Chapter members were in attendance. The education portion of the meeting consisted of Chip Houmes of Precision Laboratories discussing the benefits of soil surfactants and how to incorporate the products into turf programs. Dr. Gregg Munshaw from Mountain Veiw Seeds shared the idea of growing BlueMuda turf in the transition zone and the benefits to sports field managers. Will Schnell, retired turfgrass manager of the Rose Bowl, shared his experiences managing turf in one of the most recognizable stadiums in the world and also discussed his time in baseball.

Vendors present included: Redexim Turf Products, Van-Wall John Deere, Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply, Advanced Turf Solutions, Steel Green Machines, and Clear Creek Golf Car and Utility Vehicles.

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