Modern Turf to use YARDZ platform

YARDZ, a tool for managing owned and rented assets in the construction industry, announced that it is expanding by adding Modern Turf to its customer list.

Based in South Carolina, Modern Turf, a state-of-the-art turfgrass production company, will be relying on the YARDZ platform to help track maintenance schedules of its equipment more accurately, as well as assign maintenance tasks and inspections. This is a critical element in helping to keep their machinery fleet in top shape – a fleet that includes traditional agricultural tractors along with various pieces of construction equipment. And with a mix of modern and legacy equipment, the maintenance and inspection schedules can be quite diverse; YARDZ’s ability to organize this operation has proven to be invaluable. 

Due to a lack of telematics in their equipment, Modern Turf needed a unique solution to track equipment usage hours – the primary guideline by which the company schedules its inspection and maintenance activities. The YARDZ electronic inspections forms, which communicate with the YARDZ maintenance tool and update operating hours on equipment, allow Modern Turf to perform a wide array of maintenance-related tasks quickly and accurately, including:

  • Assign maintenance events to technicians/vendors as well as track costs
  • Store documents on equipment, such as manuals, repair receipts, etc.
  • Conduct inspections with photographs of equipment
  • Conduct inspections from phones and tablets

Modern Turf Operations Manager Todd Partridge expressed his enthusiasm for the YARDZ product, based on a number of parameters.

“There’s no question that our maintenance and inspections processes are more accurate and more timely, not to mention that they run more smoothly,” he said. “But just as important, YARDZ has provided us a tool that is simple-to-use with limited training – an important consideration since our workforce is not overly tech savvy. What’s more, YARDZ works very well with both the Google and Safari browser translation programs. We appreciate this feature as we have a mix of English and Spanish-speaking employees.”

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