Is taking a summer vacation too much of a challenge?

facilityexecutive.com shared a new survey that says professionals find disconnecting from the office isn’t always so easy. Disconnecting to enjoy time with friends and family during summer vacation is a tall order for most professionals, according to a new Korn Ferry survey. Nearly half (45%) of those surveyed say they check in with the office multiple times a day while on vacation. More than a quarter (26 percent) say they check in at least once a day, and no one said they abstain from connecting to work during vacation.

Nearly all (95%) of respondents say they plan to take a
vacation that’s at least a week long, but nearly two-thirds admit they’ve had
to cut a vacation short due to work pressures.

When asked why they work while on vacation, the largest
percentage said to “put out fires” (45%), and nearly a fifth of respondents
(19%) say they work while on summer vacation because they “enjoy it.”

In addition, more than half say they’ve argued with a spouse
or significant other about being too connected to work during vacation.

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