Husqvarna announces new Robin Autopilot collaboration

Husqvarna announced its significantly expanded position in Robin Autopilot, pioneer in robotic mowing service and parent company of Mowbot, a leading robotic lawn care service provider.

As the creator of the best-selling Automower, Husqvarna has been spearheading the time-saving robotic technology since 1995. Now, there are more than 2 million Automower units in operation around the world, and adoption continues globally with both commercial and residential application. Robin and Mowbot are instrumental in the growth of Robotics as a Service (RaaS) in North America with the growing mid-tier landscaping market.

“We are firm believers in robotic technology and its role in the future of more sustainable lawn care,” said Robert McCutcheon, president of Husqvarna NA. “With our growing partnership with Robin, we are committing to the growth of RaaS in the US market and the evolution of autonomous mowing.”

This latest investment from Husqvarna, will enable Robin Autopilot to continue to strengthen its leadership position in Robotics as a Service in the US lawn care marketplace, offering proprietary fleet management, surveyor and customer acquisition software tools, patented robotic accessories and a full suite of education and training services to empower and grow businesses. Robin will also improve its access to supply of the most advanced Husqvarna robotic mowing products and accessories such as CEORA, EPOS boundary wire free Automowers, fence door, and solar charging systems, and well as Husqvarna battery handheld equipment.

“Husqvarna is the world leader in robotic lawnmowing, and its trailblazing sustainability goals align directly with Robin’s mission to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy in the landscaping industry,” said Logan Fahey, CEO of Robin Autopilot. “Our ongoing partnership will allow further development of Robin’s technologies and offerings, including its fleet management system, which enables landscapers to utilize autonomous and electric fleets more efficiently and profitably.”

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