How to discover when you’re most and least productive

From Bryan Collins, Forbes, via the SFMA’s News Online:

“In my early twenties, I liked working on freelance writing projects late at night. These days, perhaps because I have three small kids, I prefer getting up before them to work on my main task for the day. I even get a kick out of following people on Instagram who celebrate rising before the sun.

“According to Daniel Pink, author of the New York Times best-selling book “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,” I’ve changed from being a night owl to a lark, a common experience for many in their mid-thirties. A lark prefers to rise early whereas a night owl gets his or her best work done in the evenings. If you have teenagers, you’re probably living with night owls.

“Everybody who’s not an owl tends to move through the day in three stages: a peak, a trough, a recovery,” Pink said. “Owls tend to hit their peak much later in the day—late afternoon, early evening, well into the evening.”

Whether you’re a lark or night owl, embrace your peak state. These valuable hours are ideal for focusing intensely on a difficult project for an extended period.

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