Hellas Matrix Helix to be installed at Nissan Stadium

The Tennessee Titans are making a change at Nissan Stadium, switching from natural grass to a Hellas turf system.

As part of the decision-making process, the Titans reviewed data from the NFL, which showed that more lower body injuries occurred on Nissan Stadium’s grass than on each of the monofilament fields in the NFL over the past several seasons. Nissan Stadium was also consistently among the leaders in lower body injuries of stadiums across the league.

“Ultimately we’ve landed on the decision, based on that data, to transition to a monofilament surface with an organic infill that mimics the natural feel of grass while getting the consistency and durability of field turf,” Titans President and CEO Burke Nihill said.

The Titans decided to partner with Hellas to install a complete turf system. The specific turf system at Nissan Stadium includes Matrix Helix monofilament turf and a Cushdrain shock pad. Hellas’ organic infill is made with natural fibers that add to the grass look and feel, especially when it comes to foot traction and cleat release. Nissan Stadium is the first NFL stadium to use organic infill in a synthetic turf system. This is the same turf system the Titans practice on at their training facility.

Construction of the Hellas synthetic turf system is underway and is expected to be complete by the 2023 NFL season. The Titans will also play on monofilament turf when they travel to London during the 2023 season to play at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium where Hellas is installing the same Matrix Helix turf they will play on at Nissan Stadium.

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