Crumb rubber still causing angst

According to an article by Marjie Lundstrom on www.fairwarning.org, Amanda Gabriele of North Haven, CT has been anxiously awaiting results of a federal study begun in 2016 to unravel the public health mystery of synthetic turf laced with crumbs of ground-up tires.

With at least 12,000 crumb rubber fields already in use in
the United States – and 1,200 to 1,500 more going in each year – the stakes of
the federal study are high: Has America finally found a new home for its old,
cast-off tires? Or are these fields ticking time bombs, exposing children and
young adults to cancer-causing chemicals and other dangerous toxins?

“I would love to have the federal study come out and tell me
I am wrong about crumb rubber,” said Gabriele, a member of the North Haven
school board. “I hope the stuff is safe. There are millions of kids playing on
these fields every day.”

Unfortunately for Gabriele and thousands more parents,
school administrators, coaches and the recycling industry, the verdict from the
federal government still is not in.

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