Ballfields and Bass Fishing

DuraEdge Products, Inc. announced its partnership with Bass Professional Angler and U.S.C.G. Licensed Charter Captain, Destin DeMarion, to their customers, colleagues and employees. DuraEdge President, Grant McKnight, said, “We are excited to have Destin on our team. He’s learned DuraEdge products and really earned this opportunity to create the DuraEdge Bass Fishing Experience for our team.”

The DuraEdge Bass Fishing Experience was created as a customer appreciation program.  “We have invested in the equipment and the know how to provide quality fishing experiences to our client base,” added McKnight. “The DuraEdge truck and boat wrap will really capture your attention!”

DeMarion will be traveling the country competing in bass fishing tournaments and providing DuraEdge customers with unique bass fishing experiences.  DuraEdge will be catering to customers through early spring in Florida, based out of a new facility Vero Beach, FL. In spring, the fishing operation will move back to Pennsylvania where DeMarion runs a charter fishing business on Lake Erie.

DuraEdge was founded by Grant McKnight in order to address the problem of consistency within infield mixes available in the baseball and softball markets.  The company built their product line based on soil science, being the originators of the term “engineered soils.” Within a decade of its inception, DuraEdge has gone from a small local operation based in Grove City, PA to facilities and distributors throughout the United States and products distributed in Asia, Europe and South America.

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