ASTM International creates group for gym equipment standards

ASTM International’s committee on sports equipment, playing surfaces, and facilities (F08) has launched a new subcommittee focused on creating standards that support commercially installed sports-specific equipment used in gyms and other public venues.

Members say that the goal of the new subcommittee is to
develop standards for the performance, construction, installation and maintenance
of floor, wall, and ceiling mounted sports-specific equipment in commercial and
public facilities such as schools and sports clubs.

“This effort started about a year ago when many gymnasium
equipment manufacturers met to discuss the lack of standards or rules covering
these products,’ says Neal Turner, the group’s new chairman. “Gymnasium
products such as basketball backstops, wall pads, and volleyball equipment may
weigh as much as a few thousand pounds and they hang over people’s heads,
therefore standards are a priority.”

According to Turner, potential focus areas include but are
not limited to:

Overhead and wall-mounted basketball systems,

Overhead volleyball systems,

Gymnasium divider curtains,

Overhead batting cages, and

Mat hoists.

Turner noted the new subcommittee also has interest in
developing standards for installing such equipment (a task often performed by
local dealers or subcontractors) as well as for periodic routine and
preventative services.

ASTM International welcomes participation in the development
of its standards. Become a member at www.astm.org/JOIN. The next meeting of the
committee on sports equipment, playing surfaces, and facilities is Nov. 5-8,
2019, in Houston, Texas, USA.