Manager of Parks Operations & Maintenance

  • Full Time
  • Tampa, Florida
  • $ Minimum: $68,952.00 - Midpoint: $100,172.80 - Maximum: $131,372.80

Job Overview
This position is responsible for the operation, management, and budget within the Park’s Maintenance Units Central, North, and South. Responsible for the professional administration and supervision of managers, staff, services, and contracted work to achieve quality performance and efficient utilization of manpower, materials, and equipment in the care of all park system components. This includes providing leading, planning, managing, coordinating, bidding, contracting, directing, and controlling work of assigned employees, equipment and resources for maintenance or repair of Parks. This position will have the managerial, administrative, and technical support function oversight required for the operational planning, scheduling, and inspecting of the SOP’s related to· the maintenance of Parks. It also includes addressing customer service requests in addition to routine and scheduled work to protect the health and safety of the public. Ensure health and safety policies are complying.

Core Competencies

  • Customer Commitment – Proactively seeks to understand the needs of the customers and provide the highest standards of service.
  • Dedication to Professionalism and Integrity – Demonstrates and promotes fair, honest, professional and ethical behaviors that establishes trust throughout the organization and with the public we serve.
  • Organizational Excellence – Takes ownership for excellence through one’s personal effectiveness and dedication to the continuous improvement of our operations.
  • Success through Teamwork – Collaborates and builds partnerships through trust and the open exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives to achieve organizational goals.

Duties and Responsibilities
Directs the operations, maintenance and repair services for all park structures/buildings including park properties using in-house and contract work forces. Manages the preservation of county owned park facilities, systems and equipment including parts and material inventory and warehousing, preventative maintenance and analysis using a computerized maintenance management system. Manages maintenance contracts from their conception through the payment approval. Ensures vendors fulfill obligations and performance is to acceptable levels. Monitor contract status and capacities in conjunction with the Contracts Manager to ensure required services will be met during the fiscal year. Provides coaching, training, and guidance. Prioritizes, schedules and issues daily and weekly work of subordinates. Allows Managers the flexibility to make decisions independently. Oversee field investigations to research, develop and recommend maintenance solutions related to Park properties and County assets to meet regulatory requirements and customer service requests. Strategically plans and directs staff during declared emergencies to create, transport and issue sandbags to the public, transport goods from a centralized county warehouse to shelters, PODS and other county run emergency facilities, and inspection, repair, and cleanup of Parks properties after the event. Establish and maintain effective relationships and communication with appointed higher and adjacent County leaders, employees, and the public. Respond to inquiries related to Parks maintenance services and operational practices. Determines funding requirements, develops budget submissions, monitors status of allocated funds, and controls expenses. Assesses staffing needs and identifies shortfalls; interviews, recruits, and hires new staff.

Job Specifications

  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of management.
  • Considerable knowledge of the systems, principles, practices, methods, tools, materials, and equipment used in the maintenance and repair of a park facility and grounds. Knowledge of federal, state and local regulations pertaining to assigned functional area. Ability to analyze, evaluate, make decisions in both the repair and maintenance of Parks facility and grounds. Knowledge of various computer operations and related software. Knowledge of best practices related to Parks building and grounds operations, management of resources either personnel, county policy and/or funding sources. Ability to effectively communicate, verbally and in writing, and to understand, follow and give directions. Ability to prioritize and organize work assignments and safely operate a motor vehicle when required.
  • Critical Thinking: Knowledge and understanding of policy implications and an understanding of the impact on the County. A high degree of analytical thinking to solve highly intricate, technically complex problems requiring consultation with others. Must be able to develop new and nonstandard approaches.
  • Decision Making: Able to use independent judgment to assess staff recommendations that are often technical in nature and complex with far reaching implications and resulting costs in the millions of dollars.
  • Communications: Requires regular contacts to discuss issues of moderate importance and to respond to inquiries. Also requires continuing contact with officials at higher levels on matters requiring cooperation, explanation, and persuasion. Requires regular external contacts to discuss issues of moderate importance and to respond to inquiries. Also requires continuing contacts with the public involving the enforcement of regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Strategic Planning: Able to see the big and long-term picture, formulates clear strategies and maps steps that show a connection between vision and action and that will clearly accelerate the organization towards its strategic goals. Formulation of future budgets and park facility improvement plan.
  • Managerial/Operational Skills: Responsible for making recommendations within a department in the areas of compensation, staff selection, disciplinary action compliant, staff performance appraisal, and similar supervisory duties. Plan, assign, and evaluate the work of subordinates for effective operation and results.
  • Leadership: Able to develop, sponsor, or support the introduction of new and improved method, products, procedures, or technologies.
  • Analytical Ability: Supervisor is available to establish broad objectives relative to basic position duties or department responsibilities.  Independent judgment is required to study previously established, often partially relevant guidelines; plan for various interrelated activities; and coordinate such activities within a work unit or while completing a project.
  • Managing Complexity: Manage multiple complex situations and/or projects simultaneously.
  • Other: Knowledge and understanding of policy implications and understanding of the impact on the County. Must be able to develop new and nonstandard approaches.

Minimum Qualifications Required

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in parks management, public administration, business administration, engineering, or closely related field; AND
  • 5-7 years of experience in planning and executing a Parks operation, maintenance, and repair program; 3 years of which must have been at a supervisory/management level; OR
  • An equivalent combination of education, training and experience that would reasonably be expected to provide the job-related competencies noted below. (For education and experience only, does not include legally required Licenses or Certifications.); AND Possession of a valid Florida Driver’s License.

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