Ericson winners

2022 Ericson Recipient

Weston Appelfeller, CSFM
Austin FC

Weston Appelfeller, CSFM is a consummate professional and is known for his focus on building and developing a TEAM of field managers to help develop and execute a field management program. When faced with the challenge of moving to Texas and starting with a brand new soccer club, he dove headfirst into that challenge and helped to design and create one of the most state of the art stadiums and field pitches in the United States. Having a background that was primarily in cool season turfgrass, he researched and studied every factor possible that would go into a warm season playing surface and used that in his decision making process.

Weston is embracing new technology and science like grow lights, improved turfgrass varieties, and precision data collection tools to maximize his ability to produce a safe playing surface in an extremely difficult environment. In addition, he has recruited and hired a stellar staff to work alongside of him and allows them to utilize their strengths to achieve the high level results that he is looking for. Weston has been a strong supporter of SFMA having served on numerous committee as well as the board of directors for the association and represents our industry in a highly professional way.

Previous Dick Ericson Award Recipients

Year Previous Award Recipients
2022 Weston Appelfeller, CSFM, Pioneer Athletics
2021 Joshua McPherson, CSFM, St. Louis CITY SC
2020 Marcus Dean, CSFM, Advanced Turf Solutions
2019 Allen Johnson, CSFM, Green Bay Packers
2018 Nicole Sherry, Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore (MD)
2017 Paul Burgess, Real Madrid and Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
2016 Tom Nielsen, Louisville Bats Baseball Club, Louisville (KY)
2015 Michael Buras, CSFM, Longwood Cricket Club, Chestnut Hill (MA)
2014 Tony Leonard, Philadelphia Eagles (PA)
2013 Rich Watson, Pine Hill Schools, Sewell (NJ)
2012 Amy Fouty, CSFM, Michigan State University Intercollegiate Athletics, East Lansing (MI)
2011 Darian Daily, Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati (OH)
2010 Mike Trigg, CSFM, Waukegan Park District, Waukegan (IL)
2009 David Rulli, Jeffco Stadium, Lakewood (CO)
2008 Mike Tarantino, Poway Unified School District, Poway (CA)
2007 Donald Fowler, PSU Extension (Retired) (PA)
2006 Mike McDonald, CSFM, Turf Manager, University of Minnesota (MN)
2005 Floyd Perry, Owner, Grounds Maintenance Services, Orlando (FL)
2004 Steve LeGros, GCA Service at the University of New Hampshire (NH)
2003 Pat White, City of Hollywood (FL)
2002 Eric Adkins, CSFM, Michigan State University (MI)
2001 Heather Nabozny, Detroit Tigers (MI)
2000 By Hanson, Jefferson County Public Schools (CO)
1999 G.C. (George) Trivett, Granite Falls Middle School (NC)
1998 Ross Kurcab, Denver Broncos (CO)
1997 Merton Johnson, Cal State/Fullerton (CA)

* Facility listed is where employed at time of award. Check Directory for current listing