Daniel winners

2022 Daniel Recipient

Dr. Cale Bigelow
Purdue University

Dr. Bigelow’s professional career at Purdue follows in the footsteps of the Founder for this award in Dr. Bill Daniel and Cale has continued to play a vital role in the continued growth of the Purdue University turfgrass program, particularly as it relates to undergraduate education. Cale has been an academic leader in Turfgrass Science instruction and research for several years now and is a regular presenter at SFMA conferences for his expertise in transition zone grassing alternatives for sports fields, nutrient management, and water conservation. And he gets invited back again and again because he is such a highly effective communicator to any audience! Cale has recently served SFMA as an academic representative in establishing and expanding communications with national FFA HQ in our efforts to expand turfgrass science as part of FFA state and national student contests, as well as formal classroom instruction that would include SFMA-developed turfgrass educational programming.

Dr. Bigelow has received numerous awards from his department and college as an instructor and counselor, was recognized by the Crop Science Society of America in 2020 with the Crop Science Teaching Award, and has received national recognition as leading one of the best turfgrass social media outreach efforts on Twitter as @BIGTurfTeaching. Dr. Bigelow’s selection for this award will continue the legacy established by Dr. Daniel as a Founder.

Dr. William H. Daniel Award Winners

Year Award Winner
2022 Dr. Cale Bigelow, Purdue University
2021 Dr. Nick Christians, Iowa State University
2020 Bradley Jakubowski, Instructor of Plant Sciences, Penn State
2019 Victoria Wallace, University of Connecticut
2018 Pam Sherratt, Ohio State University (OH)
2017 James Brosnan, Ph.D., University of Tennessee (TN)
2016 Jason Kruse, Ph.D., University of Florida (KY)
2015 Mary Owens, University of Massachusetts (MA)
2014 Brian Scott, Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut (CA)
2013 Dr. Brad Fresenburg, University of Missouri-Columbia (MO)
2012 Dr. Beth Guertal, Auburn University (AL)
2011 Dr. Leah Brilman, Seed Research of Oregon (OR)
2010 John Sorochan, Ph.D., University of Tennessee (TN)
2009 Tony Koski, Ph.D., Colorado State University (CO)
2008 Grady Miller, Ph.D., North Carolina State University (NC)
2007 Michael Goatley, Jr., Ph.D., Turfgrass Specialist, Virginia Tech University (VA)
2006 James McAfee, Ph.D., Extension Turfgrass Specialist, Texas A&M (TX)
2005 Jeff Fowler, Penn State Cooperative Extension (PA)
2004 A.J. Powell, Jr., Ph.D., University of Kentucky (KY)
2003 Pam Sherratt, Ohio State University (OH)
2002 Eric Adkins, CSFM, Michigan State University (MI)
2001 Coleman Ward, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Auburn University (AL)
2000 Andrew McNitt, Ph.D., Penn State University (PA)
1999 Donald Waddington, Ph.D., Penn State University (PA)
1998 Steve Cockerham, University of California/Riverside (CA)
1997 James Beard, Ph.D., International Sports Turf Institute (TX)
1996 Kent Kurtz, Ph.D., (deceased) Cal Poly Pomona (CA)
1994 Dave Minner, Ph.D., Iowa State University (IA)
1993 John N. “Trey” Rogers, III, Ph.D., Michigan State University (MI)
1992 Henry Wilkinson, Ph.D., University of Illinois (IL)
1991 Steve Cockerham, University of California/Riverside (CA)

(Note: The William H. Daniel Award was known as the Excellence in Research Award prior to 1997.)

* Facility listed is where employed at time of award. Check Roster for current listing