Conference Education

Welcome to the 2018 Conference Education page! Here you will find presentations and handouts for education sessions occurring at SFMA's 29th Conference and Exhibition.

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Tues., Jan. 16
SFMA Short Courses – 2:30 – 5 pm

Should Financing & Leasing be a Part of Your Acquisition Strategy? Speaker: Paul Danielson, CSE – The Toro Company Historically, equipment acquisition in the sports turf segment (especially applicable to tax supported entities) has been predominantly a cash transaction. Available capital budget money has often not kept pace with the work you are required to accomplish. This presentation will help you determine if financing and leasing are a viable strategy, associated advantages and disadvantages, as well as navigating the financing process.

30 Years of Sports Turf Research – What Have We Learned?
Speaker: Trey Rogers, Ph.D. – Michigan State University
This presentation will cover important research topics and discoveries revolving around the Sports Turf Industry. The good, and the not so good, on what we have learned, as well as subjects that have come full circle in a 30-year period. This presentation will reinforce what everyone eventually learns – there are very few NEW ideas, only technology to carry the original ones forward.

Wed., Jan. 17
8 – 9:30 am – Opening General Session

We Are All in This Together: Relationships Between Sports Field Managers and Athletic Directors Speakers: Weston Appelfeller, CSFM – Columbus Crew SC; Andy Gossel -Covenant Christian HS; Andy Loughnane – Columbus Crew SC; Megan VanArsdale – Boyle County Schools Join us for discussion about how to establish and expand successful working relationships between sports turf managers and their supervisors and athletic directors. Questions and comments from the audience will be encouraged.

9:45 – 10:45 am

Sports Field Drainage – Problems and Solutions
Speaker: Andrew McNitt, Ph.D. – Penn State University

‘Professional’ Turfgrass Management
Speaker: Michael Goatley, Jr., Ph.D. – Virginia Tech

In Season Plant Growth Regulators: High Risk or High Reward?
Speaker: Keith Winter – Fort Wayne TinCaps

STC Guidelines for Synthetic Turf Base Systems
Speaker: Francois Hebert – Design & Solutions for Sports Surfaces F.H ltd (DSSS)

The Importance of Managing Soil Moisture on Athletic Fields
Speaker: Kyley Dickson, Ph. D. – University of Tennessee

Athletic Field Performance Testing
Speakers: Gerald Henry, Ph.D. and Chase Straw – University of Georgia
Performance testing of sports fields is becoming more common for the quantification of surface properties such as hardness and traction. Enhancements in sensor/sampling technology and increased concern for athlete safety and field performance has further driven interest. This presentation will teach attendees how to operate current sensor/sampler technology and integrate their use into daily maintenance practices.

11 am – 12 pm

Beyond the Science, the Art of Sports Turf
Speaker: Stephen Crockett, CSFM – City of Union City, Tennessee
At any level, from municipal to professional, there are a great variety of techniques which can be used to make a field aesthetically pleasing to all involved. This presentation will cover striping patterns, logo painting, turf colorants, and new technology and techniques to accomplish at every level.

Warm Season Weed Control
Speaker: James Brosnan, Ph.D. – University of Tennessee

Synthetic Field Management
Speakers: Matt Anderson, CSFM – The University of Arizona; Sarah Martin, CSFM – City of Phoenix, Parks and Recreation; Doug Schattinger – Pioneer Athletics

Our Season with TifGrand
Speaker: Nick Fedewa – SMG Jacksonville/Jaguars

Establishing a Bermuda Field Without Irrigation
Speaker: Michael Skelton – Culpeper County Parks and Rec

The Ups and Downs of Soil pH Modification
Speaker: Nick Christians, Ph.D. – Iowa State University

2 – 3:15 pm

Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout
Speaker: Lisa Goatley, M.S., L.P.C. – The Cascade Group

Athletic Field Drainage from Design to Maintenance
Speaker: Thomas Rychlik, P.E., LEED-AP – Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.

Renovating a Collegiate Baseball Field in Multiple Phases
Speaker: Jon Fitch – Shive-Hattery, Inc

Budgets Cuts – Are You Prepared to Justify?
Speaker: Roger Havlak – City of San Angelo / Angelo State University
This presentation will provide useful information to individuals who are involved in developing and implementing sports field and landscape maintenance budgets, capital expenditures, project budgets, water budgets, etc. The focus will be on the development of minimum maintenance standards for park and sports field systems, prioritizing and justifying expenditures, and utilizing PET water budgets.

Advanced Soil Science for the Sports Turfgrass Professional
Speaker: Bryan Hopkins, Ph.D. – Brigham Young University

Facility Liability and Lawsuit Prevention
Speaker: Patrick McGuiness – Zlimen and McGuiness, Attorneys at Law

3:30 – 5 pm

Optimizing Bermudagrass Athletic Field Winter Survival in the Transition Zone
Speakers: Marcus Dean, CSFM and Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D. – University of Kentucky

Multiple Sports on Fields and Multiple Locations of Schools
Speakers: Danny Foye, Jr. and Kevin Morgan – Duval County School Board
This presentation will discuss the challenges of caring for multiple fields, hosting multiple sports, located within Duval County schools. Attendees will learn about maintenance scheduling challenges and working closely with athletic directors and coaches, how to use local resources to help maintain safe fields, and ways to network with local professional and college teams to utilize resources and benefit all.

Athlete Perception and Injury Risk Within Natural Turfgrass Sports Fields
Speakers: Gerald Henry, Ph.D. and Chase Straw – University of Georgia

In with the New: BMPs for Regrassing Cool-Season Turf
Speakers: Michael Buras, CSFM – Longwood Cricket Club; John Inguagiato, Ph.D. – University of Connecticut

Low Budget Weed Control
Speakers: Jared Hoyle, Ph.D. – Kansas State University; Jay McCurdy, Ph.D. – Mississippi State University

Positive Coaching for Sports Turf Managers
Speaker: Josh McPherson, CSFM – University of Missouri

5:15 – 6:15 pm – SFMA Networking Sessions

Meet with your peers during this formalized networking session. Each category of membership meets separately to share issues and practical solutions.

Thurs., Jan. 18
8 – 9:15 am

Professional Development: Necessary Steps in Your Career Advancement
Speaker: James Bergdoll, CSFM – City of Chattanooga Department of Public Works

Sports Turf Research Focusing on Athlete Performance and Safety
Speaker: John Sorochan, Ph.D. – University of Tennessee

Asking the Tough Questions
Speaker: Grady Miller, Ph.D. – NC State University
As one of the writers for SportsTurf Magazine’s “Ask the Expert”, Dr. Grady Miller has been involved in over 100 columns in the last 18 years. He has answered questions about ants, zeolites, blood, goats, shoes, vandals, and everything in between. This presentation will highlight the informative to the funny stories, as well as questions most frequently asked and those that caused the most controversy.

Behind the Scenes: Recreational and Collegiate Athletic Field Management at the University of Florida
Speaker: Jason Kruse, Ph.D. – University of Florida

Making Better Weather-Based Management Decisions
Speaker: Brad Jakubowski – Penn State University

Topdressing and Cultivation for Your Athletic Fields – Part 1
Speakers: Nick Christians, Ph.D. and Adam Thoms, Ph.D. – Iowa State University

Topdressing and Cultivation for Your Athletic Fields – Part 1
Speakers: Nick Christians, Ph.D. and Adam Thoms, Ph.D. – Iowa State University

9:30 – 10:45 am

Have You Prepared Your Staff for Success or Failure?
Speaker: Amy Fouty, CSFM – Michigan State University
You believe your new employee will bring great value to your team. Are you on the same page? This presentation will assist with helping you understand yourself and your hires, as well as how to create a winning team together

John Mascaro’s Photo Quiz Comes Alive
Speaker: John Mascaro – Turf-Tec International

Turfgrass Insects
Speaker: Gary Brooks – Bayer

Understanding Dislodgeable Foliar Residues and Optimizing Pesticide Applications
Speaker: Travis Gannon, Ph.D. – NC State University
Much concern exists around human pesticide exposure from treated turfgrass areas. Understanding factors that affect dislodgeable foliar residues is imperative to ensure human health is not adversely affected. This presentation will focus on optimizing pesticide efficacy and devising best management practices to minimize pesticide exposure and off-target movement.

PR/Social Media Recognition: Why It’s Important for Your Boss to Know!
Speakers: Glenn Gray and Tomás Silvani – Buffalo.Agency

Topdressing and Cultivation for Your Athletic Fields – Part 2
Speakers: Nick Christians, Ph.D. and Adam Thoms, Ph.D. – Iowa State University

11 am – 12 pm

Keynote – Mark Johnson – Retired NCAA Division 1 Baseball Coach
Everyone Counts, Because Everyone Brings an Attitude, Energy, and Enthusiasm
Mark Johnson has spent years speaking throughout the country and overseas. He will bring high energy and exhibit 41 years of coaching motivation. He will visit humorous topics concerning the “In’s and Outs of Baseball” and the honored tradition of baseball “signs.” Mark will inspirationally touch on subjects of adversity, pressure, vision, and risking to achieve. And in the end, he will ask you to get off the sidelines and “let your light shine.”

Fri., Jan. 19
8 – 10 am

ASBA Panel Discussion – Analyzing and Comparing Bid Specifications: An Apples to Apples Comparison
Speakers: James Catella, PE – Clark Companies; Michael Gentile – Sports Labs USA; Craig Honkomp – Sportsworks Field Design
Every specification is different. This panel will help attendees navigate the “gray areas” and define product specifications vs. performance specifications for both natural and synthetic turf projects.

Panel Discussion – Cool-Season Field Renovation
Speakers: Leah Brilman, Ph.D. – DLF Pickseed USA; John Inguagiato, Ph.D. – University of Connecticut; Brad Park – Rutgers University; Pamela Sherratt – The Ohio State University

Panel Discussion – When Disaster Strikes: A Guide to Manage, Recover & Prepare
Speakers: Kim Bybee – City of Carrollton; Amy Fouty, CSFM – Michigan State University; Bruce Suddeth – University of South Carolina Upstate; Mason Ward – City of Carrollton

Lightning Rounds

  • Bluemuda: What Is It and Is It Right for You?
    Speaker: Brian Winka, CSFM – City of Chesterfield Parks and Recreation Department
  • Recognizing the Depletion of Multi-Use Parks and Green Spaces
    Speaker: Peter Auth – Santa Clara Unified School District
  • Early Stress Detection Using Standard Cameras: Innovative Technology
    Speaker: Eyal Katz, Ph.D. – GrassFocus Ltd.
  • Safer Sports: How Science Meets Mother Nature, Trends & Technology
    Speaker: Dan Sawyer – Brock USA
  • Recycling, Repurposing, and Reusing Rubber Infilled Systems
    Speaker: Darren Powers – Redexim Turf Products
1:30 – 3 pm – Repeat Sessions

‘Professional’ Turfgrass Management
Speaker: Michael Goatley, Jr., Ph.D. – Virginia Tech
Being a professional in the sports turf industry goes far beyond the basic mastery of agronomic skills. How do you present yourself? What are ways to advance your career? Can you become a better communicator? Can you build a work-related team such that everyone benefits both personally and professionally? Attend this session to learn strategies to help increase your level of professionalism.

In Season Plant Growth Regulators: High Risk or High Reward?
Speaker: Keith Winter – Fort Wayne TinCaps

Athletic Field Drainage from Design to Maintenance
Speaker: Thomas Rychlik, P.E., LEED-AP – Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.